Unraveled Wednesday

Sadly, there has been some unraveling here. I decided to try casting on two sleeves and knit them flat, at least for the first bit. I am not adept at double pointed needles or magic loop and these sleeves have a cuff with a charted pattern. Unfortunately, I made an error in the chart but didn’t notice until I was another 12 rows past. Heavy sigh. I unraveled a bit and started again but I dropped a stitch and then got confused on which was the front side. Finally, I unraveled the two sleeve starts and will make another go at it with fresh eyes.

I am listening to The Dutch House and I love it so much!

And now, off to check in with Kat and then get this day started. We are so close to Christmas break but the days are feeling very long and overly full.

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14 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. I think it’s challenging to hold to a more complicated pattern as Christmas nears! There is just so much going on and so much to think about in December! I love the color of your yarn; so pretty. I hope the days until your break go quickly.

  2. Sorry about the unraveling, but it sounds like you didn’t lose too much progress and sometimes a fresh start makes things better in the long run.

  3. I just started following your blog. Boo hiss to unraveling but off to a fresh start. The Dutch House is on my list. Hang in there ’til Christmas break.

  4. Sorry about the unraveling. Your yarn color is gorgeous though! I’m reading the Dutch House and thoroughly enjoying it. I feel as though (finally) my reading slump has ended.

  5. Sorry about the unraveling, but much better to get a fresh start devoid of frustration. I loved The Dutch House (and Tom Hanks!)

  6. It takes courage to undo and begin again – wishing you lots of success! Not come across The Dutch House but will go off and google …Hoping your days begin to feel more manageable very soon.

  7. Oh the unraveling – it happens to the best of knitters. Sometimes beginning again is the best way forward. I understand the pattern better on a second or third try. May the winter break arrive soon.

  8. Ugh – sorry about the unraveling. That can be so frustrating!

    I’m glad to hear you’re loving the Dutch House. I read it but am jealous that you get to experience the story with TOM HANKS!!

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