Hello Friday

I am counting the hours until this day is done and my Christmas break begins. This week has been full of tiny moments helping me embrace the season

We used to have Santa mugs but I think they broke. I picked up these two cups for our morning coffee.

I have two friends who winter in warmer, sunnier places. This week I was able to meet up with one for afternoon coffee and another for dinner. I will miss them over the next four months but it was such a gift to have this time.

There are no gifts under the tree yet because this little monkey loves to play with the ornaments. I imagine a wrapped gift would be too much temptation. He was born in early December and has been enchanted by the lighted tree from his earliest days. What a blessing to sit and watch him play with the nativities and ornaments,

And best of all, after some paper and pencil time, I have restarted those sleeves. I hope to finish the charted cuff section tonight. Then I will use the magic loop method for the rounds and rounds of knitting. Thanks for all the empathy and suggestions.

I am planning to write a One Word post next Tuesday (12/24) and then reveal my own new word on the 31st.

Happy Friday.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “Hello Friday

  1. Oh you do a word for the year too… I’ve done that the last 8 years or so and love the whole concept. Funny how the word teaches, crops up, displays itself all year. Love your mugs… I want some new ones. LeeAnna

  2. Your wrap up is so peaceful and inviting; thanks for sharing on this last week before Christmas! I do so love the photo of the “little one” – precious and priceless. Have a super time off and I look forward to your 2020 word reveal…as well as mine…tbc.

  3. I’m glad you got those sleeves back on track! and I LOVE that dotted grid notebook – my current note taking notebook has gridlines, but grid dots are so much more fun! What a cute photo of the not-so-little one with the tree 🙂

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