Writing plans

I’ve been thinking a lot about paper, pens, planning, and journaling. Honore and I have been chatting about format and process. I joined a Planner Day earlier this month which was super helpful. (** adding to clarify that I took the Planner Day class but I’m not signing up for Journal Club). I follow some lovely Instagram feeds which inspire a little and perhaps intimidate too much.

This weekend I found this post which reminded me that I still have the last steps from the planner day class to complete.

I am settling in with the idea of having different notebooks for different purposes. All I need now is to do some habit making that has me sitting down to put words on paper every (or at least most) days.

Any hints or tips?

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10 thoughts on “Writing plans

  1. I have found that the “traveler-style” of journaling works best for me. I have 3 inserts in my traveler – one for daily journaling, a “drawing” book (which honestly does not get used much!) and a calendar insert. This makes life so easy for me – no juggling multiple books – they are all in one! I will be interested in seeing how you like your journaling club!

  2. Forming the habit is always the hardest part, isn’t it? For 2020, I’m going to be trying to reinstate my journaling habit. It’s something I did a lot as a teenager/in my early 20s, but once I was working full time and then had my daughter, time to do it slipped away. I’ll be interested to see and hear more about your club!

  3. I have a separate journal for gratitude and I write 5 things in that every morning while I wait for my coffee to brew. I have a regular journal that I use for everything else. And, on my phone I have a habit tracker, which I use to remind myself to journal 4 times/week.

  4. I’ll be interested to see what else you have to say on this. I would like to journal, but I have found when I try it feels more like a chore and I don’t enjoy it. Forming the habit is definitely the most difficult part of anything I think (like exercising for example for me).

  5. I have many notebooks for different purposes. I don’t have any tips only to say that I did not like bullet journaling (I gave myself too much self imposed pressure). I have a daily journal where I write what I am grateful for and what’s on my mind. I have a little notebook for to dos. and then there are knitting notebooks and quote notebooks and class notebooks!

  6. Like Kat, I have three inserts in my Traveler notebook – a calendar, a “notes” book (this is where I keep things like lists of things I want to knit, authors to check out, passwords (!), OLW and yearly intentions … it usually lasts me about 2-3 years) and a daily journal (which usually lasts 3-4 months). I also use a to-do list pad that sticks to the cover of the middle notebook. It really does help to keep it all in one place. AND I have a pretty good habit of sitting down for 20-30 minutes every morning to document the previous day (in the calendar) and write in the journal … about whatever is top of mind. I like what Max wrote in the MDK article about Looking Back/Ahead. It’s similar to what I found in that podcast I mentioned last week (here’s the graphic from Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/B6RuDNxhzPT/) — Looking forward to spending some time on ALL this next week! Hope you’re enjoying your break!

  7. Those planner classes look amazing! I’ve also settled into the idea of having different notebooks for different purposes. But how does one keep ALL of the notebooks moving forward? So much to ponder and practice. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create in 2020!

  8. I think that the best way to be consistent in writing regularly is to incorporate it into your routine. I write while I am drinking my breakfast coffee. The smell of coffee reminds me to write.

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