Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling here. Mostly because there is no knitting (insert heavy sigh). Instead, I decided to try and organize my knitting needles. I know I have more short tips but where can they be? Anyone else have this issue? I also found that I have more really short cables than is reasonable but not enough of the size I need to comfortably do magic loop on those sleeves. Argh! So many first world problems. I will get this sorted out and have started a list of what needles and cables I own in my planner.

On the reading front, I am really enjoying The Murmur of Bees. What a fascinating tale.

Hope your new year is bringing some lovely fiber and reading into your days.

Be sure to check with Kat and friends today.

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12 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. I have the Murmur of Bees in my Kindle library but haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m glad to hear it’s good!

    As to your needle problem, do you ever do two circulars for sleeves with the needles that are too long on their own but too short to magic loop?

  2. I keep seeing Murmer of Bees on lists from various people. I need to check it out. No cable mess or tips missing for me – I don’t like interchangeable needles, so don’t have any!

  3. Oh needles…they can be so frustrating! (And, something that might work better than magic looping sleeves would be to use two circs and put half the stitches on one and the other half on the other – I find that to be a convenient fix versus trying to fiddle with magic loop!) Good luck!

  4. It’s so nice to BE organized, but it’s kind of a painful process TO GET organized. Good luck — you can do it!

  5. There’s just no good way to organize all those circular needles but I think putting what you have in your planner is a great start.

  6. Gosh, I had no idea that knitting needles were anything except straight! Hoping you get un-tangled soon. And making a list always helps us to feel less tangled :).

  7. Love all these comments – very helpful! I have Addi needles that came in a nice leather pouch that helps to keep them organized…it also helps if one doesn’t use them, either (just sayin’). Good luck; I’m sure you’ll get them straightened out.

  8. Oh those needles. I have three zip-lock bags – yes plastic – but I’ve never traded them out for new ones – for my circular needles. I keep the fixed circs in their original packaging and sort them by sizes – one for 0-4, another for 5 – 9, and the third are the remnants of my KnitPicks interchangeables. I keep the three bags together in a large basket. I made a roll case of fabric for my DPN’s a year or so ago. Good luck. An inventory is a good beginning.

  9. It’s a good idea to list your needles in your planner! It’s so hard for me to keep my needles organized. I’ve done better since I got an interchangeable set — I have the Chiaogoo, which I love. But somehow I still manage to find random needles in odd places. Good luck!

  10. Well ugh about that nest of needles … I never got on the interchangeable bandwagon; I keep my circulars and dpns in their original packages and it helps tremendously. (also … what are you hiding in plain sight and black and white behind the needles??!!)

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