Fiber Friday

I am a slow knitter. Not as slow as I used to be but I can’t imagine banging out a sweater in four days or even a week like some of you have done. So when I look at my stash and my list of things I want to knit, I try to be gentle with myself. It is not a race. And I am not very competitive anyway. Mary asked about the squishy mail in a recent post and since I haven’t had time to play with yarn this week, I thought I would reveal those goodies.

In December I ordered yarn from The Woolly Thistle to make this sweater after Kat suggested a knit along. I did swatch and was right on gauge. The main color will be black. I bought a few options for the color work so I need to decide on the that too.

It has been a crazy few weeks with some family stuff so casting on will need to wait. Getting that second sleeve done on the Dominy is at the top of my list and like I said, I am a pretty slow knitter.

Happy Friday!

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7 thoughts on “Fiber Friday

  1. I am also a slow knitter…but you are correct, it is NOT a race. The whole idea is to enjoy it. And I do. I love your choices of colors for Pheasant. That is such a pretty sweater – each time I read about it I get tempted a bit more. Have you ever used the J&S 2 ply Jumper Wool?

  2. Whoops. I guess I read both the Thursday and Friday post together. This yarn is so pretty. I agree with you – knitting is not a race nor should it be. We should take time to savor the stitches.

  3. oh my, that is some VERY PRETTY fiber! I love the yarn, the colors and the pattern … and wish you a few peaceful moments to cast on (and, of course, to knit!)

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