Equip, equipped, equipping

equip– verb (used with object),  e·quipped, e·quip·ping

  • to furnish or provide with whatever is needed for use or for any undertaking
  • to dress; array
  • to furnish with intellectual or emotional resources; prepare

Yesterday had the chance to use one of my Christmas gifts , a gift that I asked for, but secretly hoped I wouldn’t need. This is a pretty cool way to givE your ordinary shoes some traction when walking in the snow or ice.Around here we often have a few inches of snow on
top of a layer of sleet or rain. That can make for a slippery surface (which is why everything pretty much closes down when we get snow).

This morning (another snow day) am thinking about being equipped. Traction for our shoes, chains for our cars, warm clothing, snow shovels, de-icer- lots of ways to make getting out and about easier. What about other areas of life? I try to keep fresh veggies and healthy snack in the kitchen. I have built a pretty solid meal planning and cook ahead habit the last few years which means I don’t have that 5 pm “What’s for dinner” panic.

What I want to work on next is equipping myself to build a consistent writing and study habit. I have decided that the mostly unused dining room table would make a great study space. There is a good overhead light, a window with a view, and it is far enough from the TV and computer to limit those distractions. So that is my snow day #2 project – equipping that space with the tools for renewing this habit.

Happy Tuesday!

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8 thoughts on “Equip, equipped, equipping

  1. I got a pair of those as well on Kym’s suggestion. I’m glad I haven’t needed them yet! I am also trying to cultivate a writing habit and I have just started listening to the blog Writing Course Radio. You might find it interesting and helpful, too.

  2. these sound good on paper, but around here you’ll be on ice, then cleared pavement for a bit, then surprise ice. Walking on them on clear pavement is uncomfortable, but you never know where the ice is hiding so you need someThing! I am a fan of using the dining room table.

  3. Those were recommended to me after I fell on an icy sidewalk a couple of years ago. I haven’t gotten any yet, but maybe soon!

    I love your idea of setting up a study space in your dining room. It sounds like it will be one that will be conducive to good writing and thinking.

  4. ok, I’m only a little (maybe?!) smug about not even clicking the link on those shoes … and then I see that you’re among great – nationwide! – company! The dining room table idea sounds great! and spacious. can’t wait to see what inspiration it brings!

  5. I like your thinking :). What a great way to re-purpose something in your life which works well by shifting it into another area which needs some tender loving care … I have pull-ons with spikes for our climate too and wouldn’t be without them now!

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