Unraveled Wednesday

Instead of unraveling, these last few days have been reviving.

Sleeve #2 is coming along. I also had a chance to do some swatching for potential projects. I am close to the end of my first book of the year and I finished watching season 3 of The Crown. But maybe best of all, I have been wearing #allthewool while shoveling the driveway or taking a walk. And hot chocolate calories don’t count if it’s a no school day – right?

Linking up with Kat today and just got the school cancelled message so day #3!

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. That snow is so beautiful and your Stopover looks so gorgeous with that wintry background! I’m pretty sure that any calories in the hot chocolate are more than negated by the energy you use shoveling.

  2. Oh, that snow looks wonderful, wish we would get another BIG snow here in Colorado. Eating everything and anything on shoveling days, no calories count. Enjoy your snow….and that hot chocolate. Love the Stopover sweater.

  3. I love the photo of you in your Stopover! yay for all the good vibes from the snow-cation … and I don’t think hot chocolate calories count if it’s cold (snow shoveling or not)! ENJOY!!

  4. Great photo in all the wool. Wow – we seldom had more than one snow day in a row. I recall only one storm years ago when most of the city was without power and we were off for four or five days. One is fun but then I started to think about how much catching up was going to have to happen. I think if you are shoveling, hot chocolate calories are negated. Enjoy that sweet hot beverage.

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