3 bookish things

I have had some success with my #unreadshelfproject. I sorted and counted my books. I did purchase one ebook (thanks to this– it was on sale!). And I did put some books on hold at the library. But I have been reading a lot and I finished The Murmer of Bees (highly recommend). And I found all sorts of fun ways to track my reading and help me read a wider variety of books. Here are three:

1. My library has a 10 to Try challenge – 10 interesting categories and a cool tracking system.

2. The Kindle app tells me how many days in a row I have used it for reading. I have been doing a lot more ebook reading these days.

3. And of course the Goodreads challenge. I have started a 2020 shelf to keep track of all the recommendations. And I am going through my Want to Read shelf and deleting titles I no longer actually want to read.

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10 thoughts on “3 bookish things

  1. I am currently about 2/3 through The Murmur of Bees, and it’s been a good read so far. Thank you for reminding me about The Warmth of Other Suns — I needed to officially add it to my TBR list!

  2. The “10 to Try” looks like a fun program. I’m reading “Fever” (Library book) and have “Inland” on my Kindle – downloaded from Overdrive. Still would like to read from my shelves this year! So many books…..

  3. I have never heard of Beanstack but I’m going to explore it and see if it would be something my library consortium would like to adopt!

  4. Gaa!!!! I just spent 10 minutes down your library’s rabbit hole! I was charmed 🙂 I love the 10 categories challenge, and because I just can’t resist, I think I’ll do it. Even if I don’t get a button when I finish. xo

  5. You have such a wonderful library! That challenge looks like so much fun. It makes me want to be a librarian just to implement something similar in my own town (okay, I already wanted to be a librarian, but this was just another fun reason).

    I had no idea the Kindle app told you how many days in a row you’ve read! Do you use the app on the iPad? I’d love it if my Kindle Paperwhite told me that – it’s practically attached to my hand these days!

    This was a fun post – I love bookish things! I hope you have a great year of reading 🙂

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