3 things

I have been feeling very blah about blogging so I thought I would make a list of 3 things I might blog about if I were inclined to blog.

Buttons – I made the buttons pictured above in a workshop when I traveled to Shetland. We punched the circle shape out of embossed metal, files, sanded , and polished. They are very lovely and I need to figure out how to use them.

Purses – I have a long history of searching for the perfect purse. I am currently using one that has straps to make it into a backpack which is functional, but after two years of use, it is worn, floppy, and not so lovely. I dread beginning to search for a new purse but I think the time has come.

Gardening – the snow has melted and we had a few days with some sum-breaks. Now we are back to rain, rain, rain. But I keep thinking about gardening. Maybe I will stop at the garden center today and pick up a seed catalog.

Yes. I think each of these would make fun blog posts. Stay tuned. And be sure to visit Carole and friends today.

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14 thoughts on “3 things

  1. Those would be great blog posts, Juliann . . . and I look forward to reading them someday! The buttons are just wonderful. How fun that you MADE them!!!! And I am totally always looking for the perfect purse. . . although sort of letting it go, now that it’s been so many decades without finding it . . . XO

  2. I had a leather backpack that I thought was the perfect purse, but it wore out and a new one was prohibitively expensive. Just a few weeks ago I ordered a nylon backpack, and while it’s not perfect, it is practical and good enough. I love those buttons and hope to read a post about them someday!

  3. I hear you on the purses…I feel that way not only about purses, but also sneakers! I hate having to replace my sneakers! So I’ve been working out BAREFOOT for a year and a half. Kind of ridiculous. I think I’d be happy just admiring those buttons…hmm…will be curious where they land! xo

  4. Ugh, the struggle of finding the perfect purse when yours starts wearing out is a very real thing. Mine is starting to disintegrate, so I’m going to be there soon. It’s so hard when you find one that’s the perfect fit for all the stuff you carry and you can’t find another that’s just like it!

    Those buttons are spectacular. They should be put front and center on something so they can really shine.

  5. Such incredible buttons – so individual and tactile. Please do tell us more about your visit to Shetland and how you came to make them. I love the way you have photographed them too. Sorry to read you are feeling a bit ‘meh’ about blogging and hope it passes soon.

  6. Those a re fabulous buttons. And I love buttons as trip souvenirs- they are easy to carry home, and then you think of your trip whenever you wear the piece they end up on.

  7. Hi There! We didn’t do so well on our plan to meet up, did we? In fact, I didn’t do well at blogging either. Hope you had a nice holiday and break. Our car is being fixed at the moment as DH was rear-ended on MI a few weeks ago. Hopefully once we get it back, we can finally figure out a way to meet. Happy New Year, Juliann!

  8. very cool buttons! How would you like to join us on Thursdays, blogging a list of things we like, or liked that week? I started doing that to keep my spirits up, and now about 25 people also keep lists. Odd things, your post could count! Whatever makes you happy in any category that week. People let me know they did a post in my comments and I add in a link to their post. It’s a nice group… come visit if you like and we always welcome newcomers! LeeAnna at Not Afraid Of Color

  9. I splurged on the ‘perfect purse’ for certain situations and I’m glad I did. I have a purse for city exploring (light to carry and a tardis inside) then there is the stylish purse that weighs a bit more and looks so good. I get blah about blogging until I start writing!

  10. 1 – Love the buttons…they made a great photo for this post. Perhaps you could make bookmarks with ribbon?
    2 – Been searching for the “definitive purse” nearly all my life …doesn’t exist but it’s a great excuse to buy/try new ones!
    3- A garden, on my mind too. I saw a plan – someone else’s – that I plan to revisit to take a photo…
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Fabulous buttons!! I bet it was so fun to make them – I hope you tell a bit more about that. I go through such phases with pocketbooks and buy way too many of them. I’ve weeded a lot out and donated a bunch. And, I’ve successfully not bought any recently! The seed catalogues have been coming in the mail since December. Fletch has picked out some new things to try (I think). I love that we grow veggies, but boy is it a ton of work!

  12. The buttons are beautiful. I think we’d all enjoy hearing about your adventures in Shetland. As for purses, I am quite practical and frugal. I really like Baggallini bags. They were designed by stewardesses who wanted sturdy functional bags. They come in all kinds of different styles and a nice basic color range. I have three that have stood the test of time, travel, and errands.

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