Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling around here. Yesterday I mentioned that I am a great starter but not so good at finishing. I have a sweater on my needles that has been my main project for awhile. I keep it in a bag on the couch making it easy to pick up and knit while I watch evening TV.

And I have four more projects that are well established, projects I really want to finish. I decided to try The Gideon Method. I have seen a link to this knitting idea on a number of blogs and when I hear the same thing from multiple sources, I try to pay attention.

Once I finish the current sweater, I am going to tackle these projects. I will probably start with the Pevine hat because it is very close to the crown deceases. Then either the Solbein or the Hansel hap. The sweater on the lower right is still in the color work stage so that might take more time.

Reading has stalled a bit, again. I had 5 audio books come in at the same time and none of them hooked me so I returned them all. I need to take some time to sort out my reading life before we jump into February.

Planning to link up with Kat and the Unravelers. Happy Wednesday.

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16 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Beautiful knitting, Juliann! I think the Gideon Method is really brilliant and I just need to get my projects all sorted and I plan on starting the same thing!

    I hope your reading turns around soon!

  2. I too have read about the Gideon Method and am intrigued. love your knits and colors. Hope you’r reading slump is starting back on the up side slope!

  3. I’ve never heard of the Gideon Method but I’m pretty much a monogamous knitter so it wouldn’t be applicable in my life. It sounds like a great way to tackle a whole bunch of works in progress, though, and I hope it works for you!

  4. I am admiring your charcoal grey sweater there, with the white and blue – that looks like a very complex pattern. I hadn’t heard of the Gideon Method and so have been off to follow your link and find out. It reminds me of a technique for getting moving on a number of outstanding tasks you’ve been procrastinating on. Hoping it pays dividends for you! Your sending books back because they hadn’t grabbed you is very reassuring . I am wondering if I just lack the capacity for finishing books – perhaps I need to try the Gideon method on them!

  5. Beautiful knitting and lovely projects. I would want to be knitting them all at once! LOL. Your reading sounds like me at the end of 2019 (though reading, not listening) – I struggled to find something appealing. Luckily that seems to have reversed itself now and I’m enjoying reading again!

  6. Lovely projects. I was about 3/4 done with my Solbein and I just did not like going from the yoke with 3 strands going, to the body which was only one. I found it bulky around the arm join. I scapped it and knit the Mountain Mist instead. I am very pleased. Now that you mention the Gideon Method, I will have to check it out.

  7. What beautiful knitting and projects. You have quite an eye for combining colors. I look forward to seeing them both in progress and finished. I remind myself that getting to a destination is sometimes the best part of the journey.

  8. it certainly doesn’t look like you have any “ughs” in that pile … if you could finish the Solbein to wear this season I vote for that to be your next finish. (and still, I can’t wait to see it done!)

  9. Luv Luv this idea…can see it working in all areas of my life! I’m a wanna-be knitter and have about 5 projects that I’ve had anywhere from 34 years (still on the needles) to one I’ve not allowed myself to knit until I finish one project in the queue…so, I’ve projects just waiting! No longer! Thx for sharing.
    Your projects in various stages are all lovely and I look forward to seeing them. Knit on!

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