Three things

At least once a month, I take our tiny person to see his great grampa. Today I am sharing just three of the ways they are connected that bring me so much joy.

The older one had a stroke just two weeks after the little one came into our lives. During those next 6 weeks I would begin to build a new perspective on life span. They both needed lots of care and when the stress of dad’s rehab got to be too much, I would swing by and get some lovely baby snuggles.

While dad loses his hold on names and connections, our little is building an amazing set of memories. He knows how many tunnels we go through on the way to visit great grampa. He knows the name of the street we exit on the freeway. He knows how to find the elevator and what floor button to push. And they are both calm is a different way when they are together. Dad listens carefully and our little is patient as he repeats his questions and stories.

And on those days when I go alone, even on the days when dad might not exactly remember who I am, he always asks about “the little boy.” His smile broadens and his eyes light up when he holds the picture cube our little and his mama made.

These two are such a gift.

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14 thoughts on “Three things

  1. This post is a wonderful tribute to the love you share for both the little boy and the old man. It’s wonderful. And it makes me think about Jackie and his great grandpa Jackie – they have a lot in common, too, and it’s not just the name.

  2. The connection between the very old and the very young is such a natural one, it seems. No judgement or no expectations. I remember being close to my great gram when I was very young because we were the only ones not caught up in the ‘busyness’ at that time…so we’d connect while everyone else bustled around us. I watch, now, how my Dad basks in the company of my youngest, and it brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful post. Thank you for the pause.

  3. Your post is such a lovely tribute and a great reminder of the care we need and can give at all points on the life span. I love that the two of them have this special relationship.

  4. Oh Juliann, this is such a beautiful tribute to memory-keeping. THESE are the things to remember! (and even better that you have the perfect photo to accompany the post). So much love …

  5. So lovely, Juliann. They are so lucky to be able to spend this time together — and you are so fortunate to be able to witness it. XOXO

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