Unraveled Wednesday

No projects unraveled this week but I did a bit of stash decluttering. An art teacher asked for supplies for a new maker space so I went to my leftovers bin and filled a bag. I even included some needles that I will never use and some other craft and art supplies. Do you find yourself unable to start a project when you have supplies that you know will never get used but are taking up physical and emotional energy in your crafting space? My closet has become cluttered again and I am looking forward to exploring more of Courtney Carver’s ideas when her new book comes out next month.

My reading this week includes an advanced copy of Anne Bogel’s new book on my Kindle (so much I need to be hearing in this book) and a very interesting audiobook about the conflict in Northern Ireland in the 70’s. Nothing finished but plenty of good options piling up.

Off to join Kat. Happy Wednesday.

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9 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. What a great idea to unload those odds and ends that way! I have a bag of leftovers and you are right … it just remains a bag of leftovers, taking up space. I need to look in my community to see if I could do something similar!

  2. It feels really good to move unused supplies along . . . to someone who will welcome them! I have an art teacher friend in need of fiber supplies, too. Every once in a while, I load her up! It’s good for both of us! XO

  3. I’ve been thinking of checking in with some retirement communities/nursing homes and/or schools to see if they could use some of my unused and unwanted “supplies.” Donating is so good.

  4. Every once in a while I do a clean-out like this, and it’s always so freeing! I’m sure the kids who use these leftovers will be happy to have them and that you are happy to have the space they were taking up.

  5. Fortunately, I have several options for donating art and crafting supplies on my my route as I travel to meet with friends, run errands, etc. I really need to be more conscientious about gathering the items into bags – have lotta of them too – so that when I’m out, I make those stops rather than “think about it!” A new habit in the making‽
    Thanks for planting the seed and kudos to you for your approach.

  6. I need to sort through and unload my odds and ends, too! fabric, yarn, paper … and then a whole lot of other stuff. Marc listened to Tidying Up last week and he is full of energy around all of it!

  7. I also feel weighed down by other projects sometimes! Nice work getting through it!

    I’m glad to hear that you’re getting lot out of Anne Bogel’s new book!

  8. When I tossed the stash in January, I made a bag of yarn to donate. Several schools in my area have after school groups that always need supplies. Otherwise I donate my yearly bag to Goodwill. I do better when my supplies are organized which means I need to go through my book-making supplies.

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