Isn’t it LOVEly?

A Friday and an extra day off – just what I needed! When I went to get the coffee this morning, I found a vase filled with sunflowers, a special bottle of wine, and a salted, dark chocolate bar for our evening celebration. And if I stop at Trader Joe’s before my haircut, I will have most of the day without any obligations.

I mentioned storytelling and it is still on my mind. I have been going through supplies and found the perfect album to capture some gramma stories. I even found that I had already printed almost two dozen photos. I started playing with them yesterday and think this would be the perfect way to spend part of my afternoon. I’m not quite up to Honoré’s LOAD but I do plan to keep these supplies in a place where I can easily work on the pages.

And I am on the hem of my Sólbein cardigan. Then it will need a bath and blocking before I do the steek. I am nervous about the idea of cutting my knitting but it seems a long weekend is the perfect time.

Happy Friday – enjoy.

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11 thoughts on “Isn’t it LOVEly?

  1. I found a poem by the coffee this morning, a great way to start my day. I love that colors in your sweater and wish you courage as you cut your steek!

  2. Oh I like your idea for a Gramma storybook – that is something your grandchild will cherish down the line. Such a nice way to wake up – to find celebration items for later. hope you have a lovely, long weekend (jealous as my office is not closed Monday…).

  3. Long weekends are the best, aren’t they?

    I love your sweater! I know cutting your knitting can be scary, but I’ve done it numerous times and have yet to have the knitting unravel on me. From the looks of yours, I don’t think the stitches are going anywhere.

  4. Have a perfect weekend, Juliann! That’ is going to be a beautiful sweater; you are very brave to try steeking. The very thought scares me!

  5. Such a “very lovely” way to spend a day dedicated to love. I’m sure you enjoyed every moment and I know you will have many hours of pleasure telling some “gramma” stories. I always enjoy telling my great grand aunt stories – they fill and warm my heart.

  6. What a lovely surprise on Friday morning … I had flowers and a bottle of wine waiting for me when I got home from my church gatherings. We are lucky women! …and now I’ve seen the happy Solbein ending – your steeking was a huge success! (hope it wasn’t too scary)

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