Weekending finishes

I read about the Gideon method on one of your blogs. In usual fashion, I hoped over to the post and skimmed it. But then I went back and really read it. This was a wagon I needed to ride. So I gathered my unfinished projects – well I gathered 5 of them – and I committed to do some finishing. It has been a wonderful journey. In the last 10 days I have finished two sweaters and a hat. One of these projects has been on the needles for over a year. Last night I picked up my half hap. I was 1/3 of the way through the outer border when I put it down in July, 2018. I expect to be done with it this week. And that will leave one item in my Gideon pile.

Documenting my recent finishes in my knitting notebook

I am thinking about how this method could be used on other unfinished projects because as a multi-craft maker, there are plenty of projects that have been simmering. So I plan to use some of my extra day off to consider applying the Gideon method – to my quilting, my sewing, my paper. I wish I was one of those people who could start and finish things but I am easily distracted. This Gideon method might be just the thing that will help me stay on track.

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9 thoughts on “Weekending finishes

  1. I am loving this! I have a basket in the living room with 3 projects in it (although I cheated this weekend and started not one, but two pairs of socks!) But, I love that the projects are right in front of me and outside the socks, I have spent some good time knitting on them!

  2. I suspect the Gideon method would be helpful to many of us who tend to multitask in many areas of our life. I know I’ve done it, without realizing it, when I’ve had multiple projects at work — I always tell my coworkers that I’m more likely to get things done in a timely fashion if I can focus on one for a sustained period of time rather than jumping from project to project.

    Did you manage to cut your steek over the weekend?

  3. I think the Gideon method is really fascinating! I usually only knit one thing at a time, BUT there are plenty of other areas of my making-life where I can really apply the structure of this method. It’s brilliant. And so are your finished projects! Well done. XO

  4. Wow – you’re making some really great progress! And I love the picture of you and your daughter — a family that wears woolens together, stays together!

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