I have been listening to some good podcasts and reading some wonderful books about simplifying and creating space. I spent a recent evening cleaning out my closet which is always a good thing. I have been purging my fiber stash and tackling my book shelves. One thing I know for sure is that I spend too much time scrolling – my assessment, not from anyone else. So . . . I am contemplating some changes. My first thought is to take a social media break. Instagram and Facebook specifically. I have joined some wonderful groups on Facebook and I enjoy Instagram but I wonder about how many hours I give to theses platforms. For now, I am in the contemplating stage but I am also thinking about the upcoming season of Lent. This might be a good time for setting aside some things to make room for other things.

So, there we are. Contemplating.

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12 thoughts on “Contemplating

  1. Good for you! I honestly don’t spend very much time scrolling. I don’t post on either FB or IG. I will look at them – most often while I am in the midst of cooking dinner, but that’s it. I much prefer to read blogs, which I do primarily in the morning and primarily Mon – Fri. I’m not on line much on weekends at all. I definitely need to clean out closets and bureaus…and my “office room.”

  2. Surprisingly it was easy to break the IG habit. I also pared down the number of people/hashtags/categories I follow, which has made seeing what I want to see easier. And, I have not posted on FB in over a year now. Neither of these things add to the quality of my life – I think you are making some good decisions!

  3. I think recognizing what works for you with regards to social media platforms is key. I use Facebook a lot for my role as a selectman in our town. And I like Instagram for the ideas and beautiful images it brings to my life.

  4. Yes! I’ve been on the long journey to limit screen time, but my nemesis remains IG. I’ve been working on a blog post about this! I read Digital Minimalism about a year ago and that was reinforced by Marie Kondo’s upcoming book, Joy at Work. I’ve cleaned off the home screen on my phone so that it’s only 1/2 screen. I also hid everything in folders, so nothing jumps out at me when I glance at my phone. I left Facebook years ago and finally deleted my defunct Twitter account a few months ago. It feels good.

    Our pulls to simplify are so similar! Good luck with your declulttering!

  5. I hardly ever go on Facebook. I really despise it, and I only keep my account open because it can be the best way to get in contact with out-of-town family sometimes. But IG has become a nice break for me during busy times. Still, I think you are wise to consider cutting down your social media time if you feel you’re spending too much time on it to the detriment of other activities.

  6. I am not on FB so I’m permanently on a break 🙂 I only go on insta a couple of times a week. It does take up some time when I go on though. Good luck and I hope you give us an update of how you felt when/if you cut back.

  7. The BEST THING I ever did was get rid of Facebook! (First from my phone, and then from my life.) I took a 30-day IG break last year, and then got back to it — but with certain self-imposed rules and guidelines for myself. I still scroll more than I like, but I’m SO MUCH BETTER about it now. Good luck to you!

  8. I don’t have Facebook and I keep a tight rein on IG. noticed this morning that with Stitches West upon us, my knitting feed is blowing up – mostly in a good way 😉 I no longer spend time scrolling through Ravelry, so I’m thinking it’s a more efficient way to get my knitting inspiration! (thank you for the reminder about Lent – yikes! I need to do some contemplating there too!)

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