Three books we are loving right now

My own reading is going well but is mostly non-fiction and doesn’t inspire me to write but I do have three books that we read and reread a lot around here.

Exclamation Mark! I picked this one up from a giveaway box at school because I have always liked this author. It has wonderful words like flummoxed and deflated and generates a lot of conversation.

Knufflebunny by another favorite children’s author. I saw an exhibit of Willems’ work in NYC. The bunny in this story was originally drawn as a bear but when reading the story, the word bear didn’t feel right so it became a bunny.

Are You My Mother? We have read this one many, many times over the last 3+ years. It has all the important things. A baby bird, a search, and a big big scooping machine with a fun name – Snort.

I do love a good snuggle on the couch with a fun book and our soon to be big brother. Off to link up with some new blogs this morning.

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8 thoughts on “Three books we are loving right now

  1. welcome to the I Like group… I LOVE are you my mother… I even used to read it to my special needs class when working in a middle school and still quote it now and then. Fun list

  2. The Knufflebunny series was a big favorite at our house when kiddo was younger. My favorite is in the first book when the girl “goes boneless” — I knew just what that was like!

  3. I loved Are You My Mother even when I was a little girl! My kids loved it too. Enjoy your reading time! (And those little gooshy baby arms are just The Best.)

  4. Colin loved “Are You My Mother?” back in the day. I had forgotten about Snort!! So much fun and what a lucky grand child (soon to be children) to have you to read to/with him/them.

  5. A love of books passed down is a wonderful gift you’ve given 🙂 We are currently enjoying reading and rereading Giraffes Can’t Dance, The Red Book (wordless picture book so he tells the story), and anything by Oliver Jeffers!

  6. LOVE that list, Juliann! I’m signed up to be parent reader for Sam’s class in April and I need to come up with a few new titles. He’s in the 3/4YO class … any suggestions?

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