Hello Friday

Yesterday was my first day off social media and I won’t lie – there were some moments when the temptation was great. But I filled my day with sewing and reading and cleaning out the fridge and prepping weekend meals (see all those ands Mary?). I also did some journaling and was reflecting on a conversation I had with my daughter this week. Within 15 minutes of arriving at work, three people told me how much they had to do and when I tried to commiserate, they responded by telling me how much MORE busy than me. Sigh. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could practice just a tiny bit more compassion for one another? I have four months left in this work-life and I want to do just that. Listen with kindness and compassion instead of getting pulled into the “I’m busier than you” dance and hope that maybe it will rub off.

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13 thoughts on “Hello Friday

  1. People would be less busy if they stopped talking about being busy and accomplished something. Just sayin. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Somehow I missed the memo that being busy is a contest. We’re all busy! Less complaining would mean more time to actually get stuff done and maybe give us some time to relax. Here’s hoping the last four months go quickly for you!

  3. Echoing what Carole and Sarah said. Sorry you had one of those days at work. They are discouraging and frustrating. Happy for you that you only have 4 months left. Good luck practicing compassion with those folks!!

  4. I make it a goal to never ever say ‘I’m busy’ – everyone’s busy and somebody will be busier than me. Like you when I turn away from social media I’m happier and much more productive 🙂

  5. I am with Carole and Sarah… busy is not a contest, and like all things… my busy might be less so for someone else. Have a good weekend! 🙂

  6. Sounds to me like you accomplished a whole lot! Can’t wait till you retire, then maybe we can find time to meet that works for both of us. Oh, and thanks so much for introducing me to the Gideon Method. I might actually whittle down my pile of WIPS!

  7. I did Courtney Carver’s busy boycott a few years ago and it was a great exercise in changing how I thought about filling my days. It was a real transition for me when I stopped working. It should be all good! and I hope for you it is! (❤️ the Ands!)

  8. Yay for your first few days without social media. I’m glad you found some good places for your focus!

    Busy, busy, busy — I’m still going for simple, simple, simple!! I hope you have a lovely weekend that is full of the things and people you love and that is deliciously UNbusy!

  9. I’m sure you will succeed showing compassion; I suspect that they know that and that is why they “ whined.” Your four months will fly by – wahoo!

  10. When I went on my social media “fast” last year, it was super hard . . . for about 2 days. And then I discovered I really didn’t need it all that much. It was amazing to me. As for the “busy”??? Holy moley . . . aren’t we all “busy” in some way or another? It’s just not a contest. I try to never say “I’m busy” anymore (although I’m sure it slips out now and again). I say . . . “I have a full day today” . . . instead. Good luck with your social media “fast.” (I’ll bet you’ll love it!) XO

  11. Oh, man, do I hear you. That phrase is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! Like Kym, I try to be mindful on the days or during the stretches when I feel…stretched…and I’ll say something like “I’ve got a pretty full plate today, but how about we look at next week…” or some such thing. A friend of mine introduced me this–I think it’s from Laura Vanderkam: when there’s something we really want to do, we make it a priority. So when someone can’t do something because they’re ‘so busy,’ it’s that they can’t do that because they’re choosing not to make it a priority.
    Now, the ‘I’m so busy because being busy makes me important’–it’s of epidemic proportions, wouldn’t you say? And that’s just sad.
    We could write volumes on this 🙂

  12. Hoping the next four months pass comfortably without too much ‘busyness’, and that sounds like such a productive day you had when unchained from the Internet. Here’s to more compassion from us all to each other :).

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