My planner had a number of things listed for the weekend but all of them were cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Instead, I found time to go for a slow run and a long walk, hit the mat for some stress reducing yoga, plan a few meals, clean our my fridge and my closet, finish an audiobook, knit, read, and make tamales. It wasn’t the weekend I had planned but I really cannot complain.

Now, if only I can hold on to that attitude as we head into another work week where uncertainty seems inevitable.

Another thought – how about every time we wash our hands we think (or pray if you comfortable) of the children and families who are in such disruption with school closures. I am especially concerned about our students with special needs and families with two working parents who are not able to work from home. Thanks for all your lovely comments and messages.

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14 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. It feels like a lot of things could be up in the air in the weeks to come. I don’t necessarily mind staying home but the reason is a concern in this case. I hope you are doing well and stay healthy, sounds like you are handling it well.

  2. I’m not happy with all the panic right now, but cancelling things seems wise, and because of it my husband will be home more, which is always a good thing. I’m glad you were able to use your unexpected time to do things to stay healthy and balanced.

  3. All the continued prayers, Juliann. We’re starting to see cancellations here, too – thankfully, the local schools have mid-winter break this week – a five-day weekend – and maybe we can get by without actually canceling before then. (still, church wasn’t at all full yesterday. I’m sorry so many missed our wonderful service!)

  4. we stayed close to home too. It’s scary out there and we’re isolated enough already. A prayer for others is a good way to cope. LeeAnna

  5. Good to read that despite the alarm and general tenseness out there, you were able to have such a productive time at home. Your tamales preparation is impressive! I think more people over here are staying put – I went to the supermarket last Friday afternoon and the car park was half-empty.

  6. Glad you were able to find other things to do – all of them good. Will you share your tamale recipe and “how to” at some point? I’ve never made them, but would love to. Our son noticed some shortages in his stores, but we did not notice any when we were grocery shopping over the weekend. Our parking lot at work is pretty empty….(my company is not the only one in this building).

  7. We’re doing some neglected chores here also. Our church service was online only; the only folks there were a few staff.
    Is the preschool still in session?

  8. What a weekend! And tamales – yum!

    I’m also sending you lots of thoughts. I keep thinking what it would be like to be quarantined with my middle child who is autistic. That would be quite the challenge for all of us – not to mention that he’d lose out on at least two weeks of the treatment he (we) needs!

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