3 on Thursday

After reading Carole’s post this morning, I knew I needed to make my own gratitude list before leaving the house. Yesterday saw the closing of most schools in our area. My heart is heavy for the children and families who will have their lives disrupted for an undetermined amount of time. I am also pondering ideas for keeping my teachers and their assistants working and earning money while we do not have children on site. This is a space in our lives that will probably take years to unravel.

But this morning I am grateful for:

A beautiful knitting project that has just enough pattern to keep my scattered brain engaged;

That first cup of coffee – and the plentiful supply of coffee in the cupboard;

Colleagues that I trust and admire. I am blessed and honored to be a part of the leadership team at our school. I believe we have taken each day as it has come and have worked diligently to keep our students and their education at the core of our conversations and decisions.

Now I am off to do more learning with my teachers and stretch my brain cells a bit.

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13 thoughts on “3 on Thursday

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot, too, of those people whose livelihoods are impacted by this. When I heard that the NBA cancelled the rest of their season, I thought about all the folks who work the parking lots at the stadium, the food service & maintenance employees, all the establishments & mass transit that rely on those games. There are so many layers to this. I talked with a teacher yesterday who is a contract employee; she visits the schools to facilitate art & dance workshops. If schools close, her paycheck vaporizes. She said to me yesterday, I need someone to think positively for me–will you do that? THAT is something I CAN do….besides constantly washing my own hands. Blessings on your community.

  2. oh, Carolyn’s comment says so beautifully what’s on my mind as well. Sending all my prayers for strength and patience. xoxo.

  3. I’ve really been thinking a lot the past few days of my privilege in being able to work from home should I need to — and all the people who work in jobs where that’s not an option or in jobs that will see a decrease in business due to more people working from home. We all need to focus on taking care of each other right now to get through this crisis.

  4. Love your colors for your Nightshift – it will be gorgeous. This is such a worrisome time. One of my colleagues just told me that her children’s school may shut for 4-5 weeks and just do on line learning. Another district is contemplating that, but it serves a lower income community where a) the children don’t have computers at home and b) the children rely on free breakfast and lunch at school! So many are being so negatively impacted.

  5. My thoughts, prayers and heart are with/for all of us, especially the millions whose lives are doubly impacted by the loss of work hours/income and the threat of this virus. Prayers that the sun/silver lining are close to shining through.

  6. we don’t have district closures here yet (only 5 officially diagnosed) but the Auckland Pasifika festival was cancelled for the second year – last year was because of the situation in Christchurch. We’re supposed to have memorial services this weekend, not sure how many of those will go ahead.

  7. Your staff is so fortunate to have you as part of the leadership team. Speaking as a veteran teacher, good administrators are priceless. I am with Honore’ as we walk through this unsettling time – one step, one stitch, one prayer, one positive thought, one outstretched hand at a time.

  8. I plan on starting my NightShift this weekend. The economic impact of the virus will be more serious than the health impact, I think. I know our schools are meeting today about whether to close or not. I was in a meeting yesterday with our Superintendent and she said they were putting measures in place to make certain the children who receive free breakfast and free lunch will still be able to get that support. I’m grateful for that.

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