Hello Friday

I recently proposed coming up with a few more names for the days of the week because I am pretty sure the last few weeks have had more than seven days. But here we are, another Friday has arrived and it is time for a game of TGIF.

Thinking about ways I can stay connected with people when we are practicing keeping our distance. I have a whole box of notecards and stamps and think it is a good time for some random letter writing.

Grateful for my teachers and colleagues at work. It was wonderful to have a day of learning new technologies, practicing, laughing together, and problem solving. I will miss these wonderful people when I retire in June.

Interested in learning more the Western Isles or Outer Hebrides archipelago in Scotland. I recently listened to Blackhouse and have begun Lewis Man. All three books in this series take place on the Isle of Lewis.

Funday – okay, Wednesday is my Funday because I get to spend the evening with my favorite three year old and he is so much fun! This week he drew a smiling face with a question mark over the top.

E: Gramma, do you know what that means?

Me: does is mean you have a question?

E: it means I have an idea!

Just love how he thinks! And he definitely is an idea guy.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend. Our first day was a Friday the 13th, 41 years ago. I believe there will be some special wine and cheese for us tonight. And we have snow in the forecast! Nothing can surprise me these days.

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Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “Hello Friday

  1. What a great story about your little idea guy! Happy Friday and enjoy your special wine and cheese tonight!

  2. Wine and cheese sounds like a good idea! We have snow in our forecast as well!!
    Love the ? above the head reasoning.
    Take care, friend.

  3. Isn’t it odd to think that it might take a global pandemic to get people to write letters again? I’m not opposed to it at all! Enjoy your reading, your letter writing, and your wine and cheese!

  4. yes, keeping in touch while keeping our distance… well said. I like the question mark for an idea… they often come from a question or lead to questions don’t they. How lucky to like your co-workers! The bathroom shot is lovely but I am just a little jelly of your updated room!

  5. I hope your wine and cheese were the perfect ending to a hectic week! Thank you for the book links! I just checked out the first one! 🙂

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