A few more good things

There are a lot of small businesses who are cutting back hours or closing (hopefully just temporarily) because of the virus. I saw a suggestion to purchase a gift card from your favorite shops in a show of support. Here are three good places that I hope will still be open when we figure how how to navigate life again.

A local yarn shop who will still have shopping online.

A fantastic independent bookstore that hosts amazing author talks and is currently offering free shipping so you can shop without going out.

A local tea and coffee shop with the best ceremonial green matcha tea latte, currently taking online orders and offering curbside delivery because they cannot have table service.

Another good thing – our libraries are closed but they have extended due dates on loans so I have plenty of time to finish the stack I picked up just before all the distancing mandates came out. We are in this together friends.

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9 thoughts on “A few more good things

  1. Those are really great suggestions, Juliann! Like you, I picked up several books from the library the day before they closed. I’m grateful to have the time to read my stack of books! 🙂

  2. There are so many people, businesses, and services trying their best to do whatever they can. Thanks for sharing some great examples.

  3. These are all excellent ideas for supporting small businesses. Over the weekend, before everything really got shut down, we got takeout from one of our favorite local restaurants, and they were so thankful. Our library system has also shut down and told people to hold on to the materials they have checked out — and not to worry about late fees or fines. So nice! Enjoy your reading.

  4. I’m trying to support my local coffee shop, too, they are wonderful and I’d hate to see this situation affect them permanently. It bothers me terribly to close the library indefinitely but we’re doing our best to provide people with online access to materials plus offering curbside pick up when we can.

  5. I’m glad you nabbed such a beautiful stack of books before the library closed! Lucky you!

    Thanks for all of these ideas – it’s going to be so important to stay creative and find ways to support the stores we love!

  6. I heard Sandra Cisneros on a recent On Being and she was delightful … made me want to read her book!

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