Three for Thursday

We are three weeks into this new way of living together/apart and since we can’t sit around sharing funny stories at the lunch table, I have had to look for new things that bring a little levity into my days. I thought I would share some things that have made me laugh lately.

I found these rolls of toilet paper and the attached note on my desk yesterday. My assistant applied for a graduate program and asked me to be a reference and write a letter. I was happy to do that knowing the program was a good fit for her. It was exciting to hear she was accepted and I had a good laugh at her choice of thank you tokens. In a world that is spinning, toilets paper might become the new Starbucks card!

I love it when my daughter sends text stories about that special three year old. Words are his love language and he comes up with some hysterical ideas.

Finally, my teachers have been making videos to send to our preschoolers. Those teachers are quite the comedians. I think they are being silly to take off the pressure of being on camera but I love how they are stepping into this new way of “teaching.”

What is bringing a smile into your days?

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10 thoughts on “Three for Thursday

  1. I think a bit of levity always helps to ground us when we’re stuck in the middle of difficult situations! Thanks for sharing some of the good things in your life right now! I’m enjoying silly jokes and memes and fun videos that friends and family are sharing these days. I hope this day brings you many things to smile about. XO

  2. One thing is my now daily phone call from my son sharing his daily foibles in “The CoronaVirus Apocalypse” – he has a special level of freak out and his sharing makes us both laugh.

  3. Those are good things, love that TP thank you note! I miss my Jackie, you must miss your tiny person, too!

  4. Marc and I live for FaceTime checkins from our little boys. …and I’m so looking forward to our Zoom checkin this evening!

  5. That is one clever soon-to-be-grad student. I wish her the best. Our daughter just completed grad school (no commencement, though), and it is both tough and rewarding. If anything, these days are helping us look for the little things that bring joy.

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