Because tomorrow is Monday

And this Monday will mark a new beginning for me, or an FFT as Brené Brown says. Did you know she has a new podcast? And this article is good reading.

Last week I made the decision to work at home for at least the next six weeks. I know they said we would return to school on April 27 but we have this new tiny human entering our lives sometime around May 4th and I want to be available to step in and help. So today I am setting up a workspace because I know I will need the structure to make working at home, well, work. I have read some tips: get dressed in real clothes, create a schedule, batching the work. I will be prepping my lunch and making sure I know what we will have for dinner. Food distractions are a real thing. On Friday I brought home files for the projects that have been begging for attention. I have my laptop. All of our admin and staff meetings have already moved to online platforms. So I’m ready – or as ready as I can be.

Have you been working from home? Any tips you want to share?

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8 thoughts on “Because tomorrow is Monday

  1. Last week was my first week at home and while I knew to figure out some sort of routine and “place” to work from, what I’ve realized I need to do this week is make a schedule for the other people in my house to know what I’m doing – when I will be online and when I’m off, when I plan eating lunch, going outside, being finished.

  2. You have a nice view from your office! And a good incentive to stay home, too. I have no advice on this, I’m learning right along with you.

  3. I don’t work from home in an “official” capacity any more, but I used to work from home every day. My biggest tip from that time is to have a designated work space — and a schedule. But it looks like you’ve already got that covered! Good luck to you, Juliann! It’s hard to make that transition to working from home, but you have the most excellent incentive! (I have a drum set in my sewing room. . . )

  4. When I did work from home, I used some very good time tracking apps that made it feel more like “clocking in” rather than just goofing off. (I liked Harvest best, but this article has lots of options: It made me more aware of my time (and I don’t know… a huge perk of working from home is working in your jammies, IMO..I loved it! My reward was a shower when I was done with the mornings tasks and emails!)

    Good luck!

  5. I think you are a great self disciplined person and that you’ll create, have and stick to a schedule and rhythm that will work for you and the new little one coming …you’re well on your way to embrace this new schedule.

  6. You’re going to do great – and I LOVE the example you’re setting for your staff. not only about working from home. but also prioritizing the New Tiny Human. WFH has changed a ton since I last did it in 2009 … my daughters tell me that having a real sized monitor (not just a laptop screen) is key. Good Luck!!!

  7. I want to say something to the effect…”You rated an office with a window!” Glad you can make this work.

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