I have heard others say that focus is a problem right now. I am there. I very much want a book to distract me but I find is hard to sit and read. So, I am hoping an audiobook might be the answer. I have a few options on hold.

Until then, I have been revisiting podcasts. Here are a two that are speaking to me right now:

Lazy Genius

The Daily

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7 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. I listen to The Daily . . . well . . . daily. 😉 But I’ve never heard of The Lazy Genius! I think I’ll check that one out later today. Thanks for the tip.

  2. wonderful thank you lots!! I like the podcasts…. I’m not knowledgable about a lot of podcasts… thank you !
    I’m putting this post on my “I like” Thursday post to share your list

  3. The Daily is a little much for me right now. I do listen to Up First every morning, though. Brene Brown has a new podcast and I’m finding it a good distraction.

  4. Planning to “read/listen” to Becoming Mrs. Lewis…haven’t decided which way I’ll go, yet…. probably audio ‘cause I have credits to spend…

  5. Kendra’s pep talk made me cry. I know we talked last year about all these brave, wise women who we wish we’d known 15 years ago … she’s another one! (also, Patti Callahan was the first guest on Anne Bogel’s virtual book tour yesterday – I haven’t watched, but my sister did and she said it was great! … I read the book and HIGHLY recommend!)

  6. my elibrary only allows for 2 weeks and one renewal so I feel so much stress to read the book fast. I tend to do kindle deals and real life books I have amassed from garage book sales and regular book store purchases.

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