Unraveled Wednesday

I am so grateful to have read Bonny’s post this morning. The last two evenings I have been fighting with my Nightshift, knitting a few rows,unraveling, starting again only to find a mistake a few rows back. I love these cheerful colors but I don’t think I am going to love this shawl. So, at some point today, I am going to unravel this project and get back to knitting hats. This is a time for knitting calm. I also need to revisit my Gideon method list. Would be good to get some things checked off that list.

On the reading/not really reading front, I won a book from a Goodreads give away! And it is the Kindle version so instant gratification. I did find that my library had the ebook version of A Writer’s Diary that Jane mentioned in her post and that has been good reading this week.

My working from home routine seems to be, working. I have been making my three things to finish list each morning and getting it all crossed off. Yesterday I put a chicken in the crock pot and took two neighborhood walks for my breaks. Our Stay Home order goes into effect tonight (not sure why they waited so long) and I am hoping it will make a difference.

Off to connect with Kat before breakfast.

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10 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. I love seeing others’ Nightshifts, but mine was beginning to cause me too much angst. I was much happier when I decided it was not the right knitting for me right now. I’m glad you know your own type of calming knitting and wish you peaceful hat knitting!

  2. I thought WA already had a stay-at-home order. I thought our Governor was copying yours!! I do not think there are enough closures in Oregon- still fairly busy with people out and about.

  3. I hope it makes a difference as well. Our numbers keep rising daily but then there are many many people not staying at home.. Lovely knitting! and I’m glad the staying home and working is going well.

  4. This is the time to do what helps us cope and manage — and hopefully, find some joy. You are so wise to unravel a project that is just not doing that! Good for you, Juliann! And I’m so glad you’re finding success with your working-at-home. 🙂

  5. I think you’re “cooking with gas” on all four burners” as my mom would say. Congrats on all your prep and decision making; I think you’ve set yourself up for a win-win situation. Carry on!

  6. I’m enjoying knitting my NightShift but I think my colors are providing as much contrast as they should. I’m soldiering onward with it anyway, though!

  7. Having that list is helping me so much. I post ours on the fridge, and my two younger kids are great at reminding me if anything has been left undone! I love that yarn photo…those colors will be gorgeous in whatever project they find themselves.

  8. I do (did?) love your Nightshift … maybe another time? I’m having trouble focusing, too (still) and really enjoying these topdown stockinette in the round sweaters. I do have to count rows and pay a little attention on the increase rows, otherwise, just knitting! The TTL is helping me too. I think I need to buy Elise’s book!

  9. Some of my projects have been fighting me, too. Have you read Resistance Women? I’ve just started it as it’s our April book club book, not that we’ve even discussed this month’s. I also am almost finished with The Accidental President which is about Truman’s first 4 months in office. DH borrowed it though, so it’ll be a while till I get it back. Did you recently change to WordPress? Hope all is good with you. We’ve had wonderful walking weather up until today, haven’t we? It looks like the rain is coming back for a visit…..

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