Garden notes

As I was weeding today I found this sweet daffodil. I don’t remember seeing this particular color in the past. That spot of peach on the white background is wonderful.

We have had some beautiful weather this week and today I spent a few hours getting reacquainted with my backyard garden. Now that we know we won’t be returning to onsite schooling until fall, I have found my mind shifting a bit. I think I can be at my home office early and take some time during the day to do some garden tending. I’ve been revisiting the idea of a victory garden, wondering what will feed our bodies and bring #dailyjoybits into our lives. On my list so far are cucumbers, squash, beans, sunflowers, and snapdragons. And the local garden store has order ahead and curbside pick-up so that will be happening soon. Still have a few weeks of very cold overnight temps before planting can begin but I have a notebook ready to hold my plans.

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11 thoughts on “Garden notes

  1. That’s a beautiful daffodil! Thank you for snapping a picture of it.

    I’m also thinking of my garden as a Victory garden this year! Even though we have some cold temps yet to come, we’ve begun planting some of the hardier vegetables that can take the frost. I’m looking forward to seeing your garden as it grows!

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen a daffodil like that either, and it’s stunning! I’ve also been thinking about a “victory garden” of sorts. I’ve never been very successful with vegetables, and I’ve always thought it’s because our backyard doesn’t get great sun, but perhaps part of it is also because I haven’t tended it well. Working from home certainly lends itself to getting other things done around the house, so perhaps we’ll try again and check on it regularly and see what happens.

  3. Our daffodils are past and the iris are ON! But with freezes forecast (or near freezing) I cut and brought in the ones that are already flowering. Wow, love the colors.

  4. Wow, Juliann – that’s a beautiful bloom! and yay for curbside pickups! Marc’s planting a garden (of sorts) here and I love watching how excited he is about ALL of it!

  5. What a beautiful flower. I love the touch of peach. Garden plans are pleasant thoughts. I think one of our local nurseries has curbside pick up. Our last frost date won’t be until May but it is nice to dream. We had a cold day today – snow on Easter – and have a chilly week ahead. I still have some weeding and cleaning out to do – I hope soon. Happy Easter.

  6. Beautiful flower and isn’t it nice to be outside once in a while catching some sun when it is out! Right now it’s cloudy again but I have high hopes that it will peek out.

  7. That is indeed a beauty, your daffodil. I would look after it carefully, and mark where the bulb/s is/are in case you have created a new one! Growing more of one’s own food is something we are thinking about here too, though are garden centres are shut, alas.

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