This happened yesterday. What could be better than a small person, on a sunny afternoon, dipping his toes into the dirt. All the memories of our girls, digging in the dirt, making forts and kitchens, using their imaginations and staying engaged for hours. It is so much fun (much needed fun) to watch him play in the same place that his mama and her sister played so many years ago. Yup, this was a much needed bit of joy.

I am grateful for the daily bits of joy I get from reading blogs. Here are a few links to places that might speak into your day:

SpiritCloth has some beautiful stitches

This lovely lady, and this one too – so sad I won’t be able to see them since our travel plans have been cancelled

This podcast – so good

Hope today holds some precious #tinytinymoments for you

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12 thoughts on “#tinytinymoments

  1. How lovely that you’re still able to spend time with your tiny person! (Who is growing up awfully fast . . . ) Wishing you a good day, Juliann. XO

  2. That is such a great picture. How wonderful that it was warm enough to be barefoot in the dirt. So hapopy you had some time with your tiny person!

  3. My first thought when I started reading your post today; “you have littles at your house”! How exciting, haven’t been able to see mine for 5 weeks now;-[ I love watching kids digging in dirt, in their own pretend world!

  4. oh my, he’s grown up!! and yes, that David Kessler episode was SO GOOD! (I was happy to see Kate Bowler started another season of Everything Happens … so much stuff to listen to!)

  5. Adorable! My kiddo isn’t so little anymore, so for now I’ve contented myself with watching our neighbors’ kids (5 and 1, I think) play outside. I will never tire of watching little ones explore the outdoors!

  6. Perfect photo of an adorable little one…thank you for sharing. Sorry your plans had to be cancelled; hopefully next year. Certainly during these stressful times there is more than enough goodness to help us trough.

  7. Okay…that adorable photo was all I needed to keep the Tonka dump truck I’ve been tripping over that everyone here has outgrown! I’m so glad you can spend time with your grandson. I know that’s been the hardest part for a lot of people…missing their littles…

  8. It is a joy to have grandkids play where their parents played. Or with toys put away that were their parents. My grandkids live on another coast, but when they come to visit, it’s pure joy. That is a cute picture of toes in the dirt.

  9. Slow and behind on my reading – thank you so much for sharing the links, especially to Spiritcloth (I used to read her other blog, and have missed that – so glad to be aware of the current one!), and to Brene’ Brown’s website.

    –Jean Marie

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