Friday finish

I have a Friday finish. Grand baby number two will be here soon. The Mama saw the doctor yesterday and she is moving along. Both Mama and Papa have been working from home and taking lots of precautions so they can be together in the delivery room and big brother will come and stay with gramma and grampa. Thank goodness for FaceTime so their little family can be together/apart.

Like Mary I am having a hard time showing up to write these days. I think posts in my head but by the evening, when I usually write, I am worn out. Moving our school online and working from home has been full of new things to learn. This week I spent a lot of time on video calls, trying to encourage and reassure my staff. When you are in front of kids, you get immediate feedback. Teaching online, even with live class times each week, means you need to check in differently. But I am so proud of them and grateful for the way they have stepped into this new way of teaching and loving their students.

It is a strange way to head into retirement. I’m not unhappy that there won’t be one of those gatherings where the retiree sits in a chair at the front of the room and everyone talks about you. And I have also had a lot of time to think about how I want life to look after June 30 and that has been a gift. One friend said, let’s call this practice.

Happy Friday.

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14 thoughts on “Friday finish

  1. as if having a baby isn’t hard enough… I know what you mean about exhaustion. It’s emotional. Constant worry about the unseen enemy. I’m tired but haven’t been sleeping enough. Working toward the excitement of retirement and it feels lackluster to achieve anything at the moment.Poor the people graduating with doctorates unable to walk the ceremony. Poor people scheduling weddings, and sadly funerals too.
    well, you had a great finish and we shared it with you, which is pretty cool

  2. I totally understand about the writing. Lots of things feel more difficult right now. It’s like there are layers upon layers to work through just to be able to do (what used to be) a relatively simple task.
    Your quilt is adorable!!
    Take care.

  3. That quilt is just lovely and so sweet. I like the idea of thinking of this time as practice for retirement . . . it’s showing me that I might not be as ready for that as I thought!

  4. What a pretty cheerful quilt. I love the bright colors. Best wishes for a healthy delivery for the new grandchild. A new baby brings hope. This is indeed a tough time. I applaud your support for your staff.

  5. Practice is a great way of looking at retirement…and also for “living” these days in this time!The plan for when the new wee one arrives is great for all parties involved! I too applaud the quilt; it is lovely.

  6. Oh I LOVE that quilt!! and so glad y’all will be able to help in such a real way when baby #2 arrives. (I’m planning THREE blog posts this week … we’ll see!!)

  7. That QUILT!!! Oh my gosh–it was on my screen when my daughter walked in the room. She looked at it and said, WHO MADE THAT?! Gorgeous.I love your color choices. Especially that shade of green.
    I also like how your friend put it–‘practice.’ In some ways, I feel like we need to find a way to make sure this time isn’t ‘wasted,’ whatever that means….and ‘practice’ for after June 30 is a good way to look at it.

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