Mindful Monday

Liminal space is an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where we can begin to think and act in new ways. It is where we are betwixt and between, having left one room or stage of life but not yet entered the next.” Richard Rohr

Do you know this idea of liminal space? Last week three different people mentioned this term to me and when I typed those words into the search box, Richard Rohr showed up. And that was quite a rabbit trail.

There is quite a bit of betwixt and between in my life right now. I was hoping to start running again. It seemed that working from home might give me some flexibility in my day. But when the parks were closed, the only path available was the neighborhood and I live in a very hilly area. So I am walking – a lot. And I am conquering the hills. I am hopeful that when my favorite running trail is accessible again, I will be ready to run. Until then, I will try to pay attention to the liminal spaces in my days.

What is on your mind this Monday?

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12 thoughts on “Mindful Monday

  1. I’d be willing to bet that all the walking you are doing on hills is going to really help you when you start running again. There is SO much on my mind but I’m trying to ease into the week with hope and grace.

  2. As much as I have been getting an endorphin boost from running, I am enjoying my walks just as much. Slowing down gives me the opportunity to notice what I’m passing (because I walk and run pretty much the same route), and an added bonus is that I don’t tire as quickly and can spend more time outside. I hope that you enjoy the walking for now and will be ready to run when it’s again an option.

  3. I’ve been walking a lot and really enjoying it. I vary between two different trails and almost always see something interesting (turtles, a heron, etc.). Just being outside gives such a boost to my mood!

  4. I live in a hilly neighborhood, too . . . and find that walking the hills gives a good boost to any walk. I love the notion of liminal space. It’s a perfect concept for right now, isn’t it?

  5. Okay. I was looking for a totally different book in a cabinet yesterday, and I came across a RR book a friend loaned me two years ago. I put in a bookmark but never got started. I’m thinking the timing of your message might be….timely?!
    And what a gorgeous tree to pass–on a run OR a good walk!

  6. what’s on my mind… thanks for asking! Mostly it’s that the people ignoring the stay at a distance order around us in Colorado, are causing this to drag out and increase. Nearly 17,000 infected and growing here. And the people around me refuse to stay away and wear masks. They still visit and have parties. Then complain it’s going on too long like they are two.
    I am seeking peace and safety, and so very sorry we believed the hype that colorado was a great place to live. But the sun is shining and I plan to try to walk while ricocheting from sidewalk to sidewalk to avoid people. And I hope I can make art today. I do appreciate your posts… I’m a new follower… and sorry what’s on my mind is not pretty but it’s real and I suspect you like “real”

  7. I loved hearing Sarah and Kaitlin mention Rohr and liminal space yesterday in the IG Live. Most definitely a timely topic and I can’t wait to see how that concept shows up in Native!

  8. Hi there! How are you doing? We’ve been doing lots of walking here, too, and also lots of gardening which was desperately needed. We’re also Skypeing with the local GK during the week. Their folks are having a major house remodel that started just days before the lock down and are now in a tiny condo trying to work and home school. Have you read anything good lately?

  9. I think that we all have liminal space right now in our lives. Adaptation seems to be the norm. Interesting quote that you posted, very thought provoking.

  10. I have been walking a lot around my neighbourhood, lucky to live by a large pond too, so walks and bike rides around that are a must 👌

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