Three things or maybe four

This postcard arrived in the mailbox on Tuesday. Our mailbox has been pretty empty lately so it was fun to pull out this colorful card from a journal enthusiast I met on Instagram.

This piece from Kelly Corrigan

These words from Kate Bowler; “Hope doesn’t mean we are blind to all that is broken”

And a fourth thing, this post from Carole lifted my spirits. So happy for you Carole and Dale. The road to recovery is ahead but I can imagine you will navigate that road with grace and love.

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10 thoughts on “Three things or maybe four

  1. thank you so much for these links to humanity and hope. I now am in love with Kate Bowler…. I also think the Corrigan piece was amazing in it’s idea of writing the story… in your head, of what’s to come. It leads our thoughts to what could be and is like a prayer and an affirmation both. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Always, always love Kelly Corrigan. Thank you! And that postcard!? It’d top my favorites, and I’d be posting that one right over my desk to keep me inspired! (And what a cool picture it makes.)

  3. That postcard is fabulous! And thank you so much for the well wishes for us, it’s really really appreciated.

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