Mindful Monday

Inspired by Katie, I have rebooted calendar planning and reflecting. Before this unusual time of staying home began, I was using a planner on a very regular basis. But that fell off when so much was cancelled and I didn’t even know how to plan.

Katie posts her weekly practice of reflecting back on the week. I tried using a Hobonichi Weeks last year but it was just too small. But I found a TN size, undated insert that has the same layout. My intention was to start on June one but when it arrived last week, I jumped in. I did my planning and reflecting yesterday and I think this is going to be a good practice.

Be sure to visit Katie. She does an amazing amount of reading too.

P.S. thanks for all your kind words about the unemployment mess. I was able to get all the paperwork filed and so far, no other intrusions but I will need to be vigilant. I should schedule a day for checking finances in my new planner. The real tragedy is that many who are supposed to be getting unemployment are now on hold while the state investigates the million dollar mess.

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6 thoughts on “Mindful Monday

  1. Thank you for linking to me in your post! I’m flattered that my Monday morning posts were able to help you a bit! I’m looking forward to seeing if you find this format helpful 🙂

  2. I hope this set-up works well for you! I’m also glad to hear that you’ve been able to take care of the unemployment mess. It’s such a shame that a small number of people can cause such suffering for the people who really need the help.

  3. I’ve let my planner/journal fall to the wayside since Dale’s accident and I’m finding I miss it. Thanks for the nudge to start up again.

  4. what a pretty photo! I’ve been using my planner for creativity tracking and who knew it would explode with projects because of a pandemic, I must be able to sense the future 🙂

  5. sweet, Juliann! and a very good habit to make before you retire! I plan and reflect back daily with my TN and it’s a practice I’m grateful for at least once or twice a week (especially now).

  6. I am catching up here. I am so sorry about your the unemployment claim mess. Egad. What next. Your photos are lovely. I enjoy them.

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