Checking in with my word

I have struggled a bit with my word – DWELL. These last few months I have not wanted to dwell too long or too deeply. I have been thinking of dwelling as something to avoid. I’m sure I am not the only one who has been told to stop dwelling on something.

But then I noticed this beautiful image. Every morning, I pause here while the water is boiling. I stand and look out at the hummingbird feeder, the reflection of the twinkle lights in the window glass, the flowers (there are always flower these days – I make this a priority when I do my weekly shopping). I chose this word because I wanted to dwell – to stop; to linger; to remain; to stay. When I chose this word, I had no idea how much time I would have to dwell on the everyday, ordinary moments. But this is what I needed, a time to slow down and pay attention, to dwell in all the gifts and joys.

Thanks Honoré for these monthly nudges to notice how are words are showing up.

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14 thoughts on “Checking in with my word

  1. Sometimes we kind of push against the words we choose, but they always seem to have something to teach us. What a beautiful view — and a beautiful place to dwell for a moment. XO

  2. What timing for your word–‘dwell’ prompts ‘dwelling’ in my mind–the noun, not the verb…and we are all so intimately connected to our dwelling these days… And what a beautiful picture–invites me right in to your dwelling!

  3. You chose a good word this year and it is good that you have been able to spend more time dwelling. You’re right, it is a matter of choosing what to dwell upon. I had to look up my word, and it is laid-back. I need to focus more on that word, since I have been dwelling on the wrong things.

  4. I think your word is perfectly timed for our lives today. Dwell is, well… what we are all doing lots of these days! Beautiful photo!

  5. interesting that I thought of my word this weekend. Mine was “open the door” and it’s been firmly closed for what feels like a long time now. I have learned with words of the year, that you learn all aspects of a word, not just what you think you want to experience! I can still open the door to learning new ways to connect, and to learning in general. Dwell has so many facets and what a lovely word in the first place. Dwell conjures up feelings that go with your picture… quiet safety with beauty. LeeAnna

  6. I hadn’t really thought of the negative connotations when you first shared your word; my first association with dwell was to think of living with something, inhabiting it. I really like that you’re considering the negative meanings but choosing to embrace the positive ones of considering, reflecting, staying with something for long enough to truly appreciate and understand it.

  7. Is that bird REAL?! What a lovely little spot and a beautiful bunch of flowers. The twinkle of the lights are perfect.

    Like Sarah, I hadn’t really thought of the negative connotations, ether. The word “dwell” makes me think of a cozy burrow, which clearly I love. And you’ve carved out a sweet home, full of the things that bring you joy – your “dwell”ing is teeming with opportunities to enjoy each moment that might have otherwise been rushed through or ignored for efficiency’s sake – including waiting for the water to boil! Instead of multi-tasking, you’re spending this time noticing, reflecting, and growing. I love it!

  8. What a beautiful photo. I thought it was professionally done. I had to read the post to realize it is actually your house! I would “dwell” in that spot for a long time each day. “Dwell” is the perfect word for this year. We have no option but to dwell. My word id “humility”. Another good word for this year!

  9. I think of dwell as a synonym for home in this instance and that makes it a great word for right now. Those yellow tulips are beautiful!

  10. beautiful. love the image, and the words really resonate. I’m trying to dwell more these days by being comfortable in the time and space I’m in. Thank you for introducing me to the idea!

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