When I retire . . .

My first retirement reading stack – there will be more

I am mystified at the response I get about retirement. Most people start with, “Have you figured out what you will do with your time?” When I say that I haven’t (I don’t say that I am not worried about “filling my time”), I get a lot of suggestions for volunteer positions that sound like work to me. So let’s revisit- I am retiring from work, not life. And life has a lot left for me to discover and explore.

I am looking forward to having time to:

Read, read, read. I don’t think this stack will fill my bingo card but I am excited to read and learn and ask questions and learn some more.

Dig in my garden, pull weeds and tidy for the most part but that is on life giving list.

Pause. Rest my head and my heart. These last months have taken their toll on my body and my soul. I am especially looking forward to sleep that is not disturbed by worry over work decisions.

Off to link up with Carole today.

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Recently retired and ready for adventure

14 thoughts on “When I retire . . .

  1. I think there’s a myth about retirement that you suddenly have nothing to do — but I suspect the reality is that plenty of people have plenty to do. After all, they’ve wanted to do it while they were working but just didn’t have the time to get to all of it!

  2. You nailed it. I am in the same boat as you. Be happy, enjoy your life.
    We are so blessed to have reached this stage in our life. Yes, relax and enjoy the blessing

  3. While I think it is important to have an idea of what you want to do to fill your time, I also think it doesn’t hurt to just do nothing until you figure out what you do want. My aunt volunteered one day a week for the local museum helping to accession items, but she tried some other places first before she settled on that. I spent about 33+ years teaching and when I retired I was/am happy to just fritter away my days after being so regimented in my professional life. Am I doing things, yes, but only if I really want to.

  4. People’s comments on retirement are interesting aren’t they? I took a little time to unwind from the regimented days of teaching and figure out how I wanted to spend my time. Resting head, heart, and body is a very good idea. Congratulations.

  5. Careful—seems a lot of people I know are so busy in retirement they can’t figure out how they ever found time for work! I love the idea of a ‘pause.’ That’s beautiful, actually.

  6. I think there’s always something to do when you live a thoughtful life. There’s no need to fill up your days with extra activities when the activities of living are, indeed, interesting. I’ve never bought into this idea of a job being a person’s identity. There’s so much more!

  7. You have a full life outside of work and when work ends that fullness will absorb the time you spent working with the things you love to do like reading and resting.

  8. I think a pause is the best thing when you experience a life change like retirement! Give yourself plenty of time and space, and you’ll know just what to do. XO

  9. I am always puzzled by this idea of “filling up time” in retirement. There is so much world out there! Reading is just the beginning!
    I am quite jealous that this is your retirement year. I would love to step out now, to avoid exposure to the virus, but I need one more year to get retirement benefits, so I’ll have to muddle through somehow.
    Teaching is getting more challenging, at least that how it feels to me, and virtual school is just part of it. I’m sure you will find many wonderful things just fill up your days!

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