a month of tiny moments

“Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves and the preciousness of this present moment.” L. M. Browning

July 1 finds me settling into retirement with a few holes in my “plan”. I won’t be spending some of that extra time with dad. I won’t be hiking the Scottish Highlands. I won’t be joining a weekly knitting circle or an in-person book group.

But I am sure there will be some wonderful, tiny moments this month. The not-so-tiny person will be joining me each week to dig in the garden and read books. And I bet I will be able to arrange some baby dates with the tinier person – more likely playing on the floor and reading on the couch.

There will be time for walking and hiking and dusting off my bicycle. I have plans for finishing a few quilts and a few knitting projects. My July notebook is ready for the pen. Flowers, fresh fruit, lots of water and vegetables, and an occasional scotch on the rocks (dad’s drink of choice) while I sit on the deck.

July seems a good month to notice the “preciousness of the present moment.”

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Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “a month of tiny moments

  1. The preciousness of the present moment . . . what a beautiful expression. I wish you many, many precious present moments not just for July but for your whole retirement season.

  2. a beautiful welcome to a month that holds promise, hope, and (hopefully) rest. xxoo. and best wishes on this next step!

  3. I’m not pleased with the way that I have to changed my plans. This too shall pass. At least you have a beautiful lush yard to spend your moments in.

  4. Even though this wasn’t how you planned to spend your first month of retirement, I’m glad that you’re looking on the bright side and making the most of the situation. Your new plans sound lovely and restorative. Enjoy!

  5. Your plans and ideas sound just wonderful. Love the phrase “the presciousness of the present moment.” Good words to live by. Enjoy your grandbabies and your new found time!

  6. Many worthwhile moments to look forward to here—AND, let’s all hope for Scottish Highlands sooner than later!!

  7. The present moment is indeed precious for what it contains. Thank you for the eloquent reminder. Enjoy every moment – especially those with the little people in your life.

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