Slow and steady

This last week I heard the sad news that two of our local-ish yarn stores are closing their brick and mortar locations due to the pandemic. I know they have permission to open their shops but the restraints on numbers of customers in the shop and personal finances are too much to overcome right now. I have been working on finishing projects and using stash but this news does have me thinking about ordering a sweater quantity of yarn from another local shop. I know they have free shipping so it is a possibility. Just need to decide on a pattern.

I bound off, washed, and blocked my pandemic prayer shawl this weekend. Still need weave in the ends and take some pictures. I am working on Helen Stewart’s mystery shawl and doing a pretty good job of keep up with the clues. And because we have rain and grey skies, I have pulled out a color work sweater for evening TV knitting since I am at the round and round part of the body.

Slow and steady. No rush to finish. Just enjoying the process. This is a new story for me.

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8 thoughts on “Slow and steady

  1. I was so sad to read about Churchmouse’s closing … a visit to Bainbridge Island has been on my bucket list for years. Still. slow and steady (especially) with popcorn IS for sure a good thing!

  2. IS that the mystery shawl? It’s beautiful. Perfect colors for the coming Fall. So sad to hear about the local yarn stores. I hope that doesn’t happen here. We have already lost a few..

  3. I’ve been stalking Churchmouse for years – never able to order anything but waiting for the perfect opportunity. Now there won’t be! So sad 😦

    I love your picture and how much you’re enjoying the knitting process right now. Thank you for this post!

  4. It’s always sad to hear of LYSes closing, but given what’s happening now, I can’t say I’m surprised, and sadly I think many more will be closing in the months ahead. It’s always been a hard business, and the current downturn is hitting so many so hard. I’m sure the other shop near you would be happy for any business you can give them!

  5. I’m sad to hear of any yarn shop closing, what a same. Enjoy your quiet knitting time.

  6. ‘Enjoying the process’—what a wise way to continue. (And I love ANY picture with popcorn in it!)

  7. I have been without a LYS for years and years. (Which isn’t quite true. We have one. It’s just awful.) It is sad not to have a place to just pop into, but I’ve discovered the joys of online yarn shopping, and haven’t missed having a brick-and-mortar store nearby at all. Your knitting is lovely — and ‘enjoying the process’ is a Very Good Thing.

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