Mid-month check in

I will not puzzle over how it got to be the middle of July because I know these last few weeks have been packed. But it does seem a good time for a check in.

I have been knitting – a lot. I finished my quarantine prayer shawl using the last of my hand painted yarn from our Shetland trip in 2017. I am ready to start the sleeves on one sweater and started a new color work sweater (link will take you to Ravelry). I am also making my way on the mystery shawl and while I have fallen behind on the clues, I have not had to unravel any of the lace which is a win!

I have been reading. I finished Such a Fun Age, So Lucky, White Fragility, and Bookshop on the Shore. I am close to finishing The Very Good Gospel and Make Time and learning a lot from both. Our library is slowly opening up, right now for returns or curbside at a few locations. I have appreciated the abundant collection of audio and ebooks at our library.

I have walked a lot of miles. Thanks to our mild weather, I can just open the door and take a walk. as things warm up,I will need to aim for earlier walks but I think I might be ready to up my daily step count goal.

I have been decluttering. I have gone through most of what I brought home from dad’s place and now I am working on my closets. I have a room that will become a guest room soon. I need a place for my sister to stay once travel opens up. She used to get a hotel near dad but now we will be able to sleep under the same roof. And it will make grandson sleepovers a possibility too.

I have not paid much attention to the garden. I have worked on clearing a corner that has been taken over by ivy. I haven’t felt the siren song of the garden but it could still lure me in.

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9 thoughts on “Mid-month check in

  1. That sounds like a lot of good stuff for only half-way through! July I feeling BERY different than June did, for me. Like, it’s traveling at warp speed! Hope you have loved ones in that guest room ASAP.

  2. Your summer and beginning of retirement sound lovely. Yokey Dokey is such a pretty pattern and love the colors you are using. I’m sending wishes that your guest room will be used sooner rather than later. I need to get some motivation to declutter more (it’s difficult with a pack-rat husband!).

  3. I am finally getting around to do a little blogging. We’ve been taking a lot of long walks and doing a lot of gardening….and reading,,, and knitting. It’s had to remember what day it is though now that we aren’t doing our regular things like choir and volunteering. What yarn shops have closed besides Churchmouse? One of my faves in Portland has gone online only. It’s sad times for everyone, isn’t it? We need to declutter here, too, but are very good at procrastinating! Hugs to you. Judy

  4. It sounds to me like you are fully enjoying the beginning of retirement! I am a bit jealous of your cooler weather to walk in; we’ve had so many days in the 90s recently that I’m just used to feeling like a sweaty puddle all the time. I love the start of your sweater!

  5. Is it really the middle of July already?! You’ve got some good stuff going on and I’m cheering on all of it!

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