Thinking about this Instagram post. So much information coming at us. It is easy enough to grab sound bites. Let’s not do that.

Grateful for the opportunity to plan a memorial service for dad. We are using Zoom which means a lot of people will be a able to join is without the risk of traveling or gathering.
Interested in moving toward a more plant based way of feeding my body.
Fun, fun, fun – a sunny day, a tub of waters, and a puddle of mud.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

7 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. What an incredible photo of your Dad. I hope the memorial is full of comforting stories and support for you and your family.
    Is that a smoothie bowl I see there? That picture inspires me this morning!

  2. LOVE that picture of your Dad. So glad you could arrange a Zoom Memorial Service. It will be nice for so many to be able to attend. I’m going to look into Forks over Knives – looks good!

    I still remember loving to play in mud puddles – LOL

  3. What a fun photo of your dad! Thanks for letting me know about his memorial service. Nice that you’re having sunshine as it’s cloudy and has been raining here. Thanks to for the reminder that it’s Friday……..

  4. I think many of us have come to think of Zoom get-togethers as being less ideal than in-person events, but I would think that in the case of your dad’s memorial, it will actually allow more people to attend, and I hope because of that it’s a wonderful way to remember him.

  5. What a wonderful photo of your Dad. I am glad you can plan a memorial for him. Yes to a plant based diet! We started eating vegetarian about four years ago. I feel so much better and honestly don’t miss the meat at all. Now and then I fix meat for my husband and he used to order it when we went out to eat. I am thankful he is flexible.

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