Books and bingo cards and rabbit trails

On Sunday I mentioned that I wasn’t sure where I had put my Summer Bingo card. I had put it aside because I didn’t think I would be very successful at getting bingos. But I was taking care of a messy paper pile on Monday and uncovered my card. Hmmmmm – I might have a shot at this. After checking my read list against my card, I have five bingos and I am just one book away from two more. I also checked my library and found three more books that will give me a shot at covering this card. And, I have this lovely spot in my garden that is perfect in the cooler mornings and shaded in the warmer afternoons. Stay tuned for another bingo card update.

Now, let me tell you about Ghost Boys. I would highly recommend this YA novel. It is timely, good reading, good connections, and would make a great conversation starter. I found it on a summer reading list from the Mockingbird Newsletter. I found the newsletter on the Mockingbird Patreon feed. And I found the Patreon on IG @Mockingbirdhistorylessons . That is a rabbit trail worth the meandering.

And that coffee cup – I really needed it. It is from The Next Question in case you are interested. Another excellent place to get lost.

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6 thoughts on “Books and bingo cards and rabbit trails

  1. Hooray for finding your bingo card! Last year I amazed myself by filling one. This year, I’ve been doing so much reading (and good reading, at that) that I might just fill two!

  2. I love reading in my yard, too!
    I admire people who can play book bingo. My tastes are simply too particular for bingo to work for me. Like I just picked up a book at Half Price Books on Soviet art. I know. I’m a nerd.

  3. I have to say, I’m super impressed that you could practically fill a BINGO card so serendipitously! I don’t think I’d get quite so lucky…. but then again, curating my picks is half the fun for me 🙂 I’m going to miss it after Labor Day!

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