When we look back

I’m not sure how I got to this tweet – I have an account but I only find myself on Twitter when I click a link on a blog post or Instagram. This one speaks into my thinking lately.

I am an educator, or I was before I retired last month. I always wanted to be a teacher. As a child, I spent hours playing school with my dolls and bears. I don’t think I will ever stop being an educator because it is a core part of my story. I firmly believe in the importance of being in the classroom. There are skills to be learned when you have to listen to other perspectives, take turns, problem solve, and negotiate. But right now, for this time in our lives, we also have to think about health and wellness. It is going to be a tough call, one that will feel impossible for some.

This is a time when families will have to dig deep and make the best decision they can, not for a lifetime but for the next few months. And then families can review those decisions as choose to stay the course or move in a different direction. It won’t be perfect. And in many cases, it won’t be fair.

Every family has a story. My prayer is that we will respect, support, and encourage families as they navigate this decision. I also pray that we will respect, support, and encourage educators because they also have hard decisions to make. This is not a forever time. What can we do now that will allow us to look back and know we did the best we were able with the information we had?

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6 thoughts on “When we look back

  1. thank you for your wisdom and compassion … I was so happy to share these words with Katie. xoxo.

  2. >>This is not a forever time. What can we do now that will allow us to look back and know we did the best we were able with the information we had?<<

    I think this is the most difficult part of your post. We don't KNOW that we are getting the most accurate information. It is hard to know what is accurate, what is hype, and what is flat our media frenzy. I am so glad I do not have a child of school age AND that I am retired from the school system. I'm not sure WHAT I would choose if my son were still young. I hope that each and every parent can choose an option that is right for there family.

  3. It is such a difficult decision, and I totally understand why so many people are talking about it right now. I’m personally awaiting an update from my daughter’s school. I know she really wants to go back because the lack of schedule and socialization is really getting her down, but I’m very worried. I’m worried about and worried about the teachers and staff. I’m worried that her school and many others will open just because they’re feeling pressured to and not necessarily because it’s the smart thing to do. I know I’m in a lucky position because I am still working from home for the foreseeable future and can manage if the school opts for remote learning. I do not envy the folks who have to make the hard decisions.

    On a side note, aren’t you glad you retired when you did so you don’t have to be stressed about this right now?

  4. So true, and like Dee, I am so glad that my son is older and out of school (and college). These are such difficult times. I have a friend whose daughter is a teacher and the remote learning is so difficult for them as well as the students. Around here (Eastern PA), I keep hearing that schools will open…then it changes to part-time…then it changes to completely virtual learning. No one knows what’s going on!

  5. “This is not a forever time” What a good reminder. No easy solutions and perhaps not even ‘best’ solutions. And as someone else commented (on the internet) “Whose kids are yours going to be ‘behind’? Everyone’s are in the same spot.”

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