Thinking about meal planning – a lot! When we first started staying home, I did a great job of planning meals and grocery shopping and using what we had. I have slacked off lately and I want to get back on track so I am thinking about a weekly meal planning blog post. I am also thinking about some of our friends, virtual and in person friends, and the struggle of finding hope during this messy time. Kym (who also inspired my TGIF posts) wrote about the ugliness and lack of kindness in our country. I agree – too much judging, not enough listening and empathy. This week my heart has been heavy for my friends in education and I am planning to start writing notes of encouragement this week. So I am thinking about how kindness can begin with me.

Grateful for tiny person #2 and his big bro and for their sneaky mama who snapped the photo above.

Interested in a new to me Ravelry group – Year of Projects. It matches up nicely with my return to the Gideon method and my plans to finish some things up.

Fun – Did you see Katie’s post this week? She is planning to host a journaling link up. And next week will be our one word link up with Honoré. Sundays will be for Year of Projects posts and then a meal planning post and suddenly, I am excited about blogging again.

Happy Friday. We are supposed to see a return of the sun this weekend so I will be out in my garden with a book and an iced beverage.

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7 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. That’s a great picture of you with the young ones! Looking forward to your meal planning posts. I’m full of good intentions and then the heat and humidity comes in and blows away any interest in cooking!

  2. I love that photo of you with your little ones, so happy!! I am doing pretty good and limiting my news checking and focusing on what brings me joy. I am rocking the cooking menu! I would like some NEW recipes instead of the same old same old though.

  3. What a beautiful photo! Sounds like you have lots of great plans for the summer. I thought I was getting better about meal and grocery planning, and then things changed again. I am trying to shop less frequently, so I have to figure things out all over again.

  4. So much love in this photo! I’m sure your time with the grands is the highlight of your week.

    I think whoever receives those encouraging notes is going to really appreciate them. You’ve inspired me — my daughter’s school is still planning to start the year in person, with lots of safety protocols put in place, so I think I will start the year by writing some thank-you notes to her teachers for showing up at this particularly challenging time.

  5. I love the photo your daughter took; it is a priceless gem! Thanks for the links, especially the “one little word “linkup reminder – ahem, it’s that time of the month already! Time flies, even during Covid-19!
    Have a great weekend; trust the weather cooperated!

  6. What a great photo! How lucky are those kids?!

    Thanks for mentioning my new linkup! I hope to see you there tomorrow morning, but no pressure of course 🙂

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