One word – July

We are finally getting summer weather. I know this does not compare to the heat many of you are experiencing but it looks like at least a week with 60 degrees as the low instead of the high. I will be spending a lot of time on the deck (no indoor air conditioning). Yesterday I was having my coffee, doing a bit of reading, and I looked up to see this little creature nibbling on my geraniums. This is the third time in a week that I have seen this little one and the mama.

Well, this is supposed to be a One Word post. This is the first time I have wished for different word. There was one year when I didn’t pay much attention to my word but this year, this word, Dwell, I would just like to switch to something easier. Maybe eat, plenty of that happening. How about change or surprise?

Dwell – to delay, to linger, to abide, to remain, to inhabit, to reside

July was not a month with lingering or delaying or pausing in a way that reflects my word. It was busy with planning details for the Zoom memorial we had for dad. Every day there was something that needed to be done. But maybe, in those tasks and details, I can see that I was able to dwell with my memories of dad. I looked at photos, listened to his favorite hymns, read the scriptures he wanted for his service, heard stories from so many people about the impact dad had on their lives. So there we are, once again, these words show up in unexpected ways.

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7 thoughts on “One word – July

  1. It sounds like your time spent preparing for your dad’s service was the perfect thing to dwell in. I hope you found respite in the memories, words, hymns, and scriptures.

    1. I was really lovely Kat and even though it was odd to be on the screen, so many of dad’s friends from around the country were able to be wit us. I think there were about 200 in “attendance.” Now I need to keep going through those photos and get those stories written down.

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  2. What a beautiful way to Dwell, I’d say. On your Dad… I’m with you–some of our words are tricky this year—and feeling trickier, with no end in sight! But on my better days, I can interpret it in the best of ways. [The ‘not my better days,’ well—not so much:)]

  3. What a difficult, but enriching, way to dwell this month. But absolutely – spending time and lingering over memories, putting together a beautiful memorial, and sitting (even with physical distancing) with other loved ones with this loss is dwelling. I’m sending you lots of good thoughts!

  4. oh, I think you found the perfect way into your word this month. funny how they work out like that!

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