Year of Projects – week 2

I spent most of my knitting time with this sweater, Yokey Dokey by Gudrun Johnston. I hope to finish the last color work section today and then it will be a simple round and round, stockinette stitch project. I did work a bit on my Stillness shawl but those purl rows really slow me down.

I did some sewing this week too. First I made some produce bags. I bought this waffle muslin last summer but never got around to making the bags (the lack of time off last summer was a major factor in deciding to retire). I made two bags, both large enough for salad greens. I want to make some smaller bags this week but I will need to make some bias tape first. I also altered the sleeves on a top and a dress to make them more wearable. That was a sewing task that has been on my list for a long time too.

Not sure how long I will keep up with weekly posting but I am enjoying the motivation from this group on Ravelry. I am reluctant to link to the site, lots of messiness right now, but if you are a Ravelry user, you can search groups for A Year of Projects.

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11 thoughts on “Year of Projects – week 2

  1. I have never seen waffled muslin before – I will have to source some for produce. Great idea. Your Yokey dokey is going to be awesome to wear with pride!

  2. I’ve never seen produce bags like these before and will be interested to know if you find they are keeping things fresh and crisp. I’m always looking for ways to ditch plastic use like cling film. We have just been washing a reusing sealable plastic bags but they eventually wear out. (Just a suggestion, you may get in a pickle with Week numbers as the year goes on as your count is different from the group or from the Jan-Dec week numbers. If I skip a week I cluster them and say week 3-5 for example. But whatever works for you is fine, so long as you are sharing we will read it whatever it is called 😀.

  3. This post provided me with a powerful color-fix! Between your Yokey Dokey and your lovely greens in their new brightly trimmed bags, I’m happy. I hope you have a great week!

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