Year of Projects Notebook – August 9

Last year, I joined Knitting Season which was a Kate Davies group. I loved her weekly creativity prompts and exercises. I didn’t keep up with all the patterns but I was motivated to start a knitting notebook. I used a large Field Notes that I had on hand and printed the club logo for the front. I am a bit over halfway through this notebook where I have been working on documenting my knitting. I have a smaller one for my fabric projects. I also make notes in my calendar about what I am making but I like the idea of having a notebook for the details. When I started my Yokey Dokey, I drew out all the the charts so I could color them in with the colors I was using. I think this had made it easier for me to do the color work knitting.

This week I continued to work on the color work for my Yokey Dokey sweater. I have one row left then a few rows before I split for the sleeves. I got some new yarn for donation hats but it might be too bulky. Think I will see if I can find an online option to order a few skeins of a washable DK.

I made a few more produce bags and posted a little tutorial here. I also altered the sleeves on a top and a dress to make them more wearable. Both of them had longer sleeves which I didn’t like so instead of putting the, in the donation box, I cut and hemmed the sleeves. I already wore them a few times.

And I purchased this cute pattern to make some pants for my grandson. I have some polar bear fabric and some plaids that would make fun pants.

**Year of Projects is a Ravelry group. I am also joining Katie’s weekly notebook link up because I love notebooks of all shapes, sizes, and uses.

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18 thoughts on “Year of Projects Notebook – August 9

  1. Your post is so timely!!! I was checking out knitting journals on Amazon this week! I do use Ravelry to track all my knitting projects so keeping a journal would be duplication. So thus far I haven’t taken the plunge into keeping a “paper” journal. I do keep a 3 ring binder of patterns I print out when I’m actually doing the knitting. I have knit companion but haven’t mastered using it. Maybe if I used in on my laptop instead of my kindle. I find the kindle page too small.

  2. I love notebooks and have many, I just can’t keep going with them! I always start so well…
    Ths baby harem pants look lovely as does yokey dokey!

  3. I love all your individual notebooks for all the aspects of your life/projects…and the knitting tips and especially the “harem pants.’ Looking forward to seeing your creation for your wee little one #2.

  4. Those little pants are so cute. It is fun to sew for the littles in our lives. Your knitting journaling looks great. What a nice way to keep track of your knitting.

  5. I love notebooks too and have a few on the go. The baby harem pants look great, I hope we get to see them on once they are made. I think plaid is what we call tartan? What a great idea to colour on paper first. I haven’t done much colour work so will try to remember to do that when I eventually get to those items in my queue.

  6. Your knitting notebooks is so awesome! I love the little peeks you’ve shared!
    Also – AMAZING job altering your top and dress to make them more comfortable! I love reading stuff like that 🙂 Those pants are going to be super adorable – I hope you share pictures when you finish!
    (And of course, thank you for linking up!)

  7. Baby harem pants? They are adorable (and also sound really useful, given the diaper bulk that babies have). I will be interested to hear if the pattern is easy, because I have a friend who is expecting a baby at the end of the year and now that I’m getting more into sewing, my ideas for baby gifts has expanded.

  8. I definitely think coloring in a chart when you’re doing colorwork helps a lot. And those pants are so cute!

  9. I love your Yokey Dokey and the colors you chose for it. The knitting journal is awesome! I love it and may have to get it. I love Field Notes too. I’m going to check out her group. Those little harem pants are too cute! I wonder if they have that pattern in adult sizes? LOL! They look comfortable.

  10. I sometimes think of keeping a journal of my creative projects, but never find the discipline to start one. And I fear I’d not have the discipline to keep it up. But ruminating this week on the things left behind by my MIL makes me want to contemplate this habit more seriously. Thank you for giving a glimpse into yours. Those baby harem pants are the cutest! 🙂

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