My first mask

Honoré has written often about habits. She has inspired me to read up on habit making. There are a lot of books about habit making! I have struggled with creating habits and routines for my retired life. I have grand plans for how I will spend my days, but then I find myself at 5pm, time to make dinner and where did the day go?

The other day I headed out to the store. For a brief moment, I thought I had forgotten a mask. But no. I am in the habit of wearing a mask. I have four and there is always one in my car and one in my purse. I have been doing this since the beginning of April when we were asked to wear masks to help slow the spread of the virus. That reason/purpose was all I needed to stick to the habit.

So my next step, figure out the why behind the habits and routines I want to develop. This is the week I would be going back to work so it seems a good time to dig into this WHY question. Any words of wisdom?

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6 thoughts on “Habits

  1. For me, the why always seems to relate to some goal — i.e., I want to develop a habit because it will lead to some positive outcome in the future. For example, two habits I’ve developed in the past year or so are doing some exercises (crunches, pushups) every evening and writing in a journal daily. The former is related to a goal of being healthier and stronger as I get older. The latter is a way of productively working through thoughts and emotions so that they don’t build up and cause problems.

    1. Yes! It is that linking piece that I need to work on. I did a mini class at some point and the leader had us identify a current habit that we could link to the new habit. The example was brushing your teeth. If this is an established habit, link a new habit just before or after. I had some great morning routines and habits in my Before life. Being home all day makes it easy to think, I’ll do that later.

  2. thoughtful… habits… my dog would say, do anything three nights in a row, now it’s permanent. So choosing a habit… seems just to be a goal you want to reach. Solidifying a habit is work… like so many things it’s just doing it. Making up your mind to just do it and then doing it. If it’s a good payoff you’ll continue automatically but the trouble comes in when the payoff for the new habit doesn’t satisfy you like you thought it would… LeeAnna

  3. Atomic Habits has made such a difference for me! One of the things I think about when trying to build a habit is linking it to my identity. I am a person who prepares her own meals. I am a person who eats mostly vegetables. If I can convince myself that it’s part of my identity, it’s much easier to follow through on the habits I’m working to instill.

  4. Oooh, going to check out Katie’s book rec. Linking, which I think I originally picked up from Gretchen Rubin, has been very effective for me. I made a list in my journal of the habits I’ve already established (making my bed, exercising, setting my coffee pot before bedtime) and a list of habits I need to link to be successful with them (remembering my supplements). This is probably the best way I’ve established and maintained a new habit to date.

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