Books and yarn and television viewing

My husband gave me a hammock for our anniversary and it is a lovely place to read. I started The Night Watchman after hearing Louise Erdrich talk with Ann Patchett a few weeks ago. It was my motivation to visit a bookstore for curbside pick up. And while I was there, I had them order The Pull of the Stars which arrived this week. I was devouring The Night Watchman and wanted to slow down a bit and savor it. So this week I have been working on finishing up a few books that were lingering. Anxious to Talk About It has some very good practices and questions that have me thinking about what next steps in my anti racist education. I’m Still Here was so engaging. Hard stuff but honest and well told. Now I need to sit down with my highlights from these two books and make some notes in my book journal.

I’m very happy to be making progress on my color work sweater – Yokey Dokey. I have finished the yoke and separated for the sleeves so lots of round and round knitting now. And do you see who came to play? Yup. Our littlest person is now available for play dates. He is a very sweet baby who is just getting is voice and finding his fingers. We had a lovely time. He even napped a bit so I could knit!

I don’t know who mentioned it but I have been watching Home Fires. What a good show. I’m already on season two which is sad because I don’t think there is a season 3. Any suggestions for similar shows are welcome. And since it Wednesday I will head over to visit Kat and friends.

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12 thoughts on “Books and yarn and television viewing

  1. we enjoyed home fires ( we called it home fries…) and there is not a season three which is sad because it was a good show! Love your sweater and the sweet babe in the background 🙂

  2. Such fun photography in this post…and I’m in love with your hammock! Stripes get me every time. And so many good titles here—going to check a few of them out. Yay for tiny visitors 🙂

  3. Home Fires was lovely! If you’re craving more when you’re done, there’s a book that was written that takes the story past the last episode.

    The hammock looks like the perfect place to savor a good book. And if you start getting a bit drowsy, it also looks very convenient for a quick snooze!

  4. Great photos!!!! Is there a better place in the world than in a hammock?!? We have vacationed where there is a beach hammock and my hubby literally never leaves it, so I know better than to find a spot for one around our yard!!!! Love your sweater progress, too

  5. Beautiful images, Juliann! Thanks Sarah… I had forgotten there was a book that carried on the series! And I loved The Night Watchman!

  6. What a lovely image … sigh … too hot to read outside now, but I do love the idea! I spent ALL my quiet time on Monday and Tuesday (while the boys were here) reading Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends (at Sara’s recommendation) and I finished it today. wow. There is nothing like flipping pages in a paper book!

  7. I loved Home Fires too! I watched season one and two and then was so sad to find that the show had been cancelled despite being quite popular. The series writer, Simon Block, continued the series in book format. It was originally published as four ebooks, but you can now get all four in one book, Keep The Home Fires Burning. The series was originally based on a book called Jambusters by Julie Summers which is a non-fiction book on the history of the Womens’ Institute during WWII. It is well worth a read if you are interested in the British homefront. Julie Summers wrote quite a few books on WWII, all really interesting as they covered topics that affected the women at home. Fashion on the Ration is fabulous! Actually I think I will do a post on her books as they are all so great!

  8. There really is no better place to read than in a hammock! (And I can’t believe your tiniest person is already so big! Time really has warped. . . ) XO

  9. How fun that the little person can visit. Enjoy every minute. The sweater looks beautiful – what a pretty color combination in the yarns. Isn’t it fun to hold a real book in your hands now and then? Looks like a good summer at your house.

  10. We had a hammock in our yard for a while but it belonged to Hannah and she took it with her when she moved out. I miss having one! So glad you get to have play time with your littlest!

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