Year of Project – August 16

We had some lovely weather last week and I took advantage of the cooler days to do some more sewing. I finished making produce bags (using up all of my textured muslin) and a pair of baby pants. The pattern is very easy to follow and I know I will make more of these. It would be a cute baby gift when paired with a tiny knit cap. Then I spent a afternoon sorting my fabric bins and was able to go from 9 down to 7 bins by refolding and purging. I discovered a few quilting projects that I want to add to my list.

Saturday started our warm weather stretch and it will be too hot to sew most of this week. I took advantage of some late afternoon breeze and moved out to the deck. I am knitting a child sized donation hat, holding this sock yarn double. I grabbed a cold beer and watched the opening of the Edinburgh Book Festival. A great way to wrap up the week.

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17 thoughts on “Year of Project – August 16

  1. Deck knitting is my favourite. It was too hot today to do it, but fall is coming and I plan to indulge. Those baby pants will make a great gift especially with a knitted hat.

  2. Those pants are so cute! And I bet the book festival was enjoyable, especially with knitting and beer.

  3. Those pants — too adorable! Your afternoon of knitting and book festival sounds just wonderful.

    I’m so glad you were able to join our Zoom call yesterday. I loved getting your perspective in our discussion. We are so lucky to be able to connect as a group!

    1. Thanks Sarah Such a good conversation yesterday and I agree that the diversity of our own lives makes it a rich opportunity. I loved what you said about the Torah and the way it is read and taken apart to better understand. That is my experience with scripture but I have not been a part of a denomination that has hard and fast rules about scripture. I can’t Imagine being part of anything where I was not able to ask questions and Wonder. Juliann

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  4. The baby pants are adorable. The book festival sounds quite intriguing. Lovely to be able to attend that while knitting! You have a wonderful deck and view!

  5. Cute pants and you’re right, a matching hat would look great and add to the cute factor. We’ve been to the Edinburgh Fringe festival and had a wander around the book festival…it makes you wonder when anything like that will happen again. It’s great they are doing an online event.

  6. Cute baby pants! It sure was warm here yesterday, wasn’t it? Good job on reducing your fabric stash. I trying hard to do the same on my yarn. Gotta knit faster, that’s for sure!

  7. those baby pants are too cute! and I LOL’d about your “warm weather stretch”, known in my part of the world as the NEVER-ending summer 😉 (also, loved your post about the armchair travel – just put Educated Alice on hold)

  8. Knitting is always a great way to wrap up any period of time. LOL. Sitting outside and enjoying the sun and an breeze is pure bliss, isn’t it?

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