Monday in my notebooks

I have loved reading since I was a girl. The library was one of my favorite places and I dreamed of having a room filled with bookcases. When it was time to go to college, it made sense to get a degree in English literature. I didn’t think about what I would do with this degree. I was just excited to spend four years being around people who loved reading and talking about books. (I still love being around people who love talking about books!)

Lately, I have been thinking tabout my reading life. I know that if I want to be more intentional, I also need to pay attention. What am I reading and why? Do the books I choose reflect my reading goals? So I am returning to my reading journal. I started using this notebook in January. I added titles, dates, and a few quotes. Then I put it aside and my reading life became haphazard.

I have been reading a lot more ebooks. I use the highlighter function but it’s hard to access those highlights, especially when you are in a virtual book chat. I am trying to go back weekly to transfer my highlights to this notebook. This weekend I added a TBR section. I get book ideas from so many places and I read a tip in the MMD group about recording more details about books in your TBR pile. I love this idea. Now I will add this to the TBR section. Where did I hear about the book? When? And what made me add it to my list.

Do you use a reading notebook? How do you track your reading? I know some of you use spreadsheets. I have been using Goodreads but I always go back to paper and pen. Katie is hosting a weekly notebook link up. We would love to read your notebook posts.

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12 thoughts on “Monday in my notebooks

  1. I use GoodReads to track what I want to read and I try to remember to also note where I heard about the book, too. If you read on the Kindle and link it to GoodReads your highlighted passages will be accessible there even after you return the book.

  2. I keep a reading journal – noting books read, a (very rough) rating and the date I finished the book. I don’t have reading goals per se – just read for the sheer pleasure. I do have another notebook where I keep a running list of TBR.

  3. I use goodreads, I have a TBR list of real books and kindle books. I find that is best. If I’m collecting a series like Ann Cleeves books or Louise Penny, then I write out the books in order in a notebook and put a dot to when I get them and a checkmark to when I’ve read them. It’s a wonky system but it works!

  4. What timing with this post, Juliann! Just this morning I was thinking about how I choose what I read–and wanting to perhaps choose fewer titles but for bigger reasons, if that makes sense. I don’t do a whole lot of notetaking about what I want to read + why–but I do use my BUJO to take notes on the books that I read. In terms of tracking, I am a bit of a minimalist here. I use Goodreads to keep a list of what I want to read (and I use their ‘shelf’ system–to designate books recommended by MMD, books written by authors from my alma mater, prize-winning books, etc.). And, of course, I track what I finish. But I don’t take the time to record much else–because in this season of my life, just reading the book is sometimes a stretch for me!

  5. I just list the titles of the books I’ve read. Do you get online books from the library. I love doing that but sometimes they all become available at once. At least now there’s a “not right now” option!

  6. I love that you keep your reading quotes collected in your reading journal! That’s going to create a really lovely collection one day. I keep reading quotes in a few different places – sometimes I jot them down in my commonplace notebook, sometimes I keep notecards tucked into the books I’m reading. Have you heard of zettelkasten? Here’s a link that describes it well: <— That's what I'm trying to do with all of my notes! I want to write a blog post about it, but these things take time :p

    But I document my reading in three places: 1- a notebook that just lists books I've read or attempted to read; 2- Goodreads; 3- A google sheets spreadsheet that tracks lots of variables for me.

    Thank you for linking up with me!

  7. I used to keep a notebook where I tracked the books I’d read, but I didn’t record much about the books. Now I mainly use Goodreads. It’s not quite the same as looking as a physical notebook, but it works pretty well for me, and as I have the app on my phone and my iPad, it’s pretty handy.

  8. I haven’t written in my book journal all month … gah! it’s turning out to be a really hard habit to make! (and I figured out how to export my highlights from the kindle app to a document – have you tried that?)

  9. I have notes written all over the place about books I want to read! I do have a notebook of quotes that mean something to me. I’ve been adding to it recently. I think a notebook just for books/reading lists is what I need.

  10. I use a Leutturm just like yours for my bullet journal, which is where I keep my list of books to read. I haven’t kept a list of books I’ve read for a long time and I don’t miss it.
    I recently restarted journaling, but I’m using a lined Moleskine for that. I’m really enjoying the process.

  11. Sometimes in my journal, I note a thought or quote from something I’m reading. Otherwise I keep a small blank book with lists of audio books and books read in either hard copy or electronically. I also use that book to make any notes about the book group book. I take it with me to book group or zoom so I can record anything that might come up during our book discussion.

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