Book talks and wool

I know I keep mentioning the Edinburgh International Book Festival. It runs through August 31 so I will likely mention is a few more times. Yesterday afternoon we had cooler weather so I sat in my hammock and listened to Colum McCann talk about Apeirogon. I knew of the book but after this talk, I know it will go on my TBR list. I also caught a talk with Jenny Offill which added a few more titles to that pile.

Was it last week that I wrote about spinning? Well here is something that is so amazing about writing and reading blogs. Sarah read my post and generously offered some of her spinning supplies to get me started. And Jane gave me some hints about videos to watch. So perhaps one day soon my books and wool post will include some spinning.

I am still plugging away on my Yokey Dokey and have nearly completed another donation hat. It has been too hot for sewing upstairs but that will end soon.

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10 thoughts on “Book talks and wool

  1. So many seem to be getting into spinning! I get tempted, but then remember that a number of years ago a friend gave me a spindle and some roving. It sat in my “project room” for years. I never did it. I finally gave it all back to my friend. So, I’m tempted, but I don’t really need one more thing to do! Ha! I’ve enough on my plate. But, I’ll be curious how your spinning comes along.

  2. I’m still somewhat in shock at how fast that package got to you, especially given all that’s been going on with the USPS lately. I’m also relieved that the spindle made it there intact! (I did try to cushion it as well as I could, but I still worried.)

    Are the Edinburgh Book Festival sessions recorded so they can be watched later? I’d love to hear that Colum McCann talk.

  3. I would LOVE to go to the Edinburgh book festival some day! 🙂 I loved Apeirogon and would recommend it highly. (One of my best reads of the year.) I’m excited to see where your spinning adventure takes you! XO

  4. oh that FIBER! it’s gorgeous!! Maybe I can catch up with the EBF next week. I would love to hear Colum McCann talk (about his book)

  5. I can’t wait to follow along with your spinning adventures! How kind of Sarah to share her goodies 🙂

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the Book Festival – thank you for blogging about it!

  6. What a beautiful gift from your community! I’m looking forward to hearing about your new adventure! I suspect that hand spinner could introduce one to a happily slippery slope 🙂

  7. Thankfully, I have no interest in spinning. I work in too many mediums as it is. I don’t need to start stashing unspun wool!
    It looks like I can still watch Jenny Offill’s talk so I have that queued up. Thanks for the tip!

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