August – this one word

So, the question is, how is your word showing up? I looked up synonyms for my word, dwell, and found this: to be settled. That sums up how what I am seeking this last month. Settled, not worried, or anxious, or chasing after who knows what. I have been taking a look at how I spend my time, and especially with the choices I am making that pull me away from what I value. I want to be settled.

Yesterday, I spent two hours with this amazing little person. He has discovered his voice and has a sweet laugh. He is starting to roll over and loves to “stand.” I did a bit of knitting but mostly I just enjoyed watching him. No worries about what else might need my attention, just enjoyed feeling settled and knowing this was right where I needed to be.

Thanks to Honoré for hosting our one word reflections.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “August – this one word

  1. That photo! Lovely. It just exudes ‘settled in’! I hope that the remainder of your days in 2020 are full of dwelling with that settled in feeling!

  2. What a sweet, sweet picture and what a peaceful time you had. I love just sitting and watching birds or water…but a baby would be even better! Retirement is definitely agreeing with you.

  3. I love this picture! I agree with all of the comments – your retirement has coincided perfectly with this new baby. I love that you’ve had more opportunities to write in your blog and get excited every time I see a post from you in my reader. Enjoy settling in 🙂

  4. It sounds like you are really “settling in” to retirement! 🙂
    And having that sweet baby in your life is a cherry on top! XO

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