YOP – goodbye August

I finished something – well is it taking a bath now and needs to be blocked but I finished weaving in the ends of my pandemic prayer shawl. I started this in April when I was doing a weekly zoom group with some ladies from church. As I knit, I kept their prayers in front of me. The yarn was from stash. I had one skein of yarn that we hand painted in Shetland and some bits and pieces from a hap that I am hoping to finish soon. As I watched another author talk yesterday, I got those ends woven and trimmed. The pattern is Grain by Tin Can Knits. It’s funny that I unraveled another shawl earlier this week. Part of that was not loving the design but another part was having this shawl and my hap so close to finishing. And now I will take a break from shawls.

I made more progress on my Yokey Dokey sweater this week. I should be finished with the body by the end of this week and then it will be sleeve time. I need to download a new audio book to keep me going.

I am not sure I will keep up with a weekly post – I am trying very hard to keep my online minutes low so my offline minutes are feeding my head and heart. I am going to hold this loosely but I do like visiting the other blogs who post in the YOP group. Almost time to say goodbye to August and welcome a new month!

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13 thoughts on “YOP – goodbye August

  1. 🙂 that little pile of ends is so pretty – I’ve taken a little break from shawls, too, and will be starting one to KAL with Joji’s Fall KAL starting Tuesday (well, “ish” … I want to finish Sam’s afghan first!)

  2. Such a pretty prayer shawl. A pile of ends means a finish. I agree sometimes I need to be off-line to keep a perspective and a grateful heart.

  3. I love the colors in your shawl! I can appreciate it when you say, I am trying very hard to keep my online minutes low so my offline minutes are feeding my head and heart. It’s so hard to find that balance – there’s so much inspiration in everyone else’s blogs, but it can be overwhelming! I hope you have a great week 🙂

  4. Now, that’s a lot of ends! What a good idea to keep the prayers of those you’re praying for in front of you as you knit. I love the idea of praying as I work with my hands, but I do get distracted. I’m sure I still would, but having the prayers handy would help to draw thoughts back to those I’m thinking of and wanting to pray for. So glad shared that.

  5. Your shawl is lovely and the colors are right up my alley! So pretty! I know what you mean about not spending as much time online. I am trying as I have much to do around here….we shall see. Enjoy your Fall KAL!

  6. Lovely idea to keep the prayers in front of you while you were knitting. It is a lovely shawl. I hear you about keeping away from too much screen time. I am finding any kind of hiccup or frustration really sends my anxiety off the charts. Best to stay away from the computer and the news these days – but it is everywhere on all social media. Instead if I am on a screen it is to listen to british acorn series while knitting.

  7. I’ve been thinking about online minutes…it’s so easy to let them creep up. I’ve decided with our YOP group being so big I’m not going to pressurise myself into getting to them all on the Sunday or Monday, but read them through the week and that gives me a better balance to my day.

  8. Good for you for finishing your prayer shawl. I have one that I started probably a year ago and I have a long ways to go to finish it. Unfortunately it’s not even in my top ten of priorities so it rarely gets worked on. And I do love it as it’s rainbow stripes. Someday…..

  9. Such lovely colours in your shawl, and how enriching that it has been woven together with prayer in the making as well as in the usage. Hoping you find a rhythm for your blogging that works but doesn’t mean you disappear :).

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